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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1786. Death in the series. This is how they will say goodbye to Andrzej Precigs

On the fateful day, Filarski still manages to call Zduńska, who tells Piotrek (Marcin Mroczek) her last conversation with her father:

– Dad is depressed and sad…

– I would also be sad if I had to return from a luxurious SPA by the sea… – Zduński will comment.

– That’s something different… He said I was and always was his greatest treasure. Me and the children – Kinga muses.

– And he didn’t mention me? – the lawyer jokes.

– Imagine not – Zduńska shakes her head with pity.

Kinga, concerned about the last conversation with her father, will ask her mother if Filarski has also contacted her.

– Today morning. Since Wojtek’s death, we have been talking often, admits Krystyna.

– I didn’t know… – Zduńska is surprised.

– Zbyszek supports me very much… He also misses Wojtek. You know, he’s not at all the same man he used to be. Today, for example, he apologized to me… for not appreciating what he got from life, from fate…

– Don’t you think it’s a little strange?

– No, probably not… Wojtek’s departure shocked him… In moments like these, you start thinking about different things, taking stock of your life… I think that’s what it’s all about.

– Maybe… Maybe that’s how it is… – Kinga sighs without conviction.

A moment later, Krystyna will give Kinga a courier parcel – a letter and a small case with a ring.

– It’s from dad. He writes that he will take a ferry to Sweden straight from the SPA and he would like this souvenir to be safe at home…

– And he’s a smartass… It’s Zbyszek’s mother’s ring, she gave it to me ages ago, but it got lost after our divorce. I thought I lost it… – Filarska shakes her head.

– I don’t like all this… – said Kinga, and then dialed her father’s number. The answering machine will turn on.

“The subscriber is temporarily unavailable or out of reach,” Kinga will hear.

– Hey, dad, I just got a parcel from you… But it carries you around the world, now to Sweden, right? Dad? You know, when you come back, we must meet and talk… There hasn’t been time for that lately, and I… I just missed you… You and our conversations… Wherever you are… take care of yourself… Bye, daddy… – he will record message of this content Zduńska.

In the evening, Kinga will try to call her father again. Unsuccessfully. Her husband tells her to call the SPA where Filarski went. This way he will find out that the ambulance took him to the hospital.

– Dad… died on the way to the hospital… Honey… – Piotrek will inform her some time later.

Kinga will start crying.

– It’s all like a bad dream… Again… – Filarska sighs when she hears about Zbyszek’s death due to a ruptured aneurysm.

– (…) Do you think dad had a premonition? His phone call yesterday, the ring he sent us…

– I think if that were the case, he would have come to us and said goodbye. He loved you very much…

– You too, mom… Despite everything.

– First Wojtek, now Zbyszek… Men in my life… I became a double widow – Krysia confesses with her voice breaking.

– At least they have each other there now… – Kinga smiled through her tears.

We reveal that the 1786th episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Monday, March 4 at 20.55 on TVP2.