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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Na Wspólnej”: Episode 3788. Ola has had enough of Czerski

Czerski’s daughter has more ideas on how to bring her parents closer together. She is not happy when her father says he has other plans for the evening. Meanwhile, Alan gives Ola a “surprise” and arrives earlier. Suddenly Czerski also appears. Pissed off, Ola throws both men out.

Renata is worried when she hears how Sławek can’t sleep all night. Having waited until morning, Dziedzic goes to buy sedatives. Despite this, Sławek is clearly agitated and irritable. Renata watches him with fear. Meanwhile, Daria is leaving – on the way to the airport, she has a sharp argument with her beloved. Tadeusz feels that the girl does not want to get involved in their relationship.

Igor’s informant gives him the identity of a policeman who was at the scene of a fatal road accident. Nowak and Dagmara find the officer and he confirms that the driver of the sports car was at fault. However, he will not testify to this anywhere – he is afraid for the safety of his family. However, there is a breakthrough. Dagmara is contacted by the author of the recording removed from the Internet. He has been threatened, but he will not remain silent any longer.

3788th episode “On Wspólna” will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 19 at 8:15 p.m. on TVN.