Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Sydney Sweeney explains her appearance on “Madame Web”. “Business Decision”

“For me, it was a building block that allowed me to build a relationship with Sony,” the star explained “Euphoria” in an interview for the website “GQ”. “In my career, I make every decision not only because of the quality (of the film), but also for strategic and business reasons. Because I made this film, I could later play in ‘Just Not You’. I could have gotten a job in ‘Barbarella’.”

The actress also does not seem to be concerned about the negative reception of “Madame Web”. “It was a huge film in which many people were involved. I was hired as an actress and I was simply happy that I gave life to a character that my little cousins ​​were excited about. There was no way that the quality of the whole would depend only on me, especially that I wasn’t a producer. When you get hired, you sign up for everything that comes along the way.”

Sweeney she didn’t answer when asked about her premonitions about “Madame Web” while working on the film. However, she admitted that the implementation process “was significantly different from what she was used to.”

“Madame Web” by SJ Clarkson is an adaptation of a comic book about one of the supporting characters from the Spider-Man universe. She was a blind old woman with the power to predict the future. Sweeney played Julia Cornwall, a young girl who in the future will receive spider powers and become a superhero known as Spider-Woman.

The title character was played by Dakota Johnson. The opinions of viewers and critics turned out to be a painful blow to her. In an interview with Bustle, she admitted that she would probably never play in a superhero movie again.

“Madam Web” hit theaters on February 14, 2024. The film cost $80 million. It has grossed 97.5 million worldwide to date.