Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The creator of the famous documentary harshly evaluates the film about Jackson. “Surprisingly Disingenuous”

Biographical film “Michael” directed by Antoine Fuqui will be released in theaters in April 2025. He will tell the story of his life and career Michael Jackson (check!), and the creators immediately assured that they would not want to create a laurels, but actually face, among others, with accusations against Jackson of pedophilia.

As revealed Dan Reed – creator of the document “Leaving Neverland: The Dark Side of Michael Jackson” – in fact, the Jackson family in charge of the production still wants to show Michael Jackson only from one side. Let us recall that Reed’s film restarted the discussion in 2019 about the singer’s guilt in the already concluded harassment trials.

Dan Reed believes that the family’s involvement in the film, as well as the casting of Jackson’s nephew in the main role, Jafaara, means lack of objectivity. He supports his opinion with the first version of the film script, which he was supposed to read.

“We only see Jackson with children in the film when he is taking care of cancer patients or dancing with a girl in a wheelchair. He also covers several young boys, mainly his nephews, with a blanket during sleepovers. It seems that the creators are stuck in a room with Jackson’s lawyer, John Branka, who told them what to write,” the director reportedly said, quoted by Variety. He briefly describes the film “Michael” as “surprisingly insincere.”

“There is too much stench behind Michael. There is too much evidence, too many accusations. Anyone who supports the narrative in the film that he was innocent will not have a clear conscience,” Reed said.

Let us remind you that he is the author of the script for the production of “Michael”. John Logan (“Skyfall” about adventures James Bond). He will direct Antoine Fuqua (including “Training Day”, “Tears of the Sun”, “King Arthur”, “The Magnificent Seven”), who started his career as a music video creator working with stars such as: Prince, Toni Braxton, Shanice, CeCe Peniston, Arrested Development, Stevie Wonder, Coolio (memorable “Gangsta’s Paradise”), Usher Whether Lil Wayne.