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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Na Wspólnej”: Episode 3774. Maria cannot sympathize with her daughter’s betrayal

Brygida thanks Robert for helping her with her studies. The girl tries to seduce him. What will Tadeusiak do? Meanwhile, Commander Kaja comes to Piasecki. He warns the prosecutor that he is not unpunished. He mockingly advises her to call off her policemen. Kaja immediately warns Iga. Piasecki knows their plans. Unfortunately, there is not enough time to warn Sławek. When he goes into action, a masked perpetrator shoots at him.

Monika is in despair. Her son punishes her with silence. Włodek convinces his wife that they should support their daughter. Maria is outraged. He’s not going to feel sorry for someone who destroys his family. An angry Ziębowa goes to Damian. She tells him that she is ashamed of her daughter. Cieślik surprises her – he is full of concern for his unfaithful wife…

Grzesiek Smolny’s class is very excited about today’s premiere. Hela is worried that she will forget her role. To relieve stress, Nina offers her a homemade cocktail. Unfortunately, it turns out that it contains an ingredient to which Hela is allergic. The girl starts choking! When the ambulance takes her away, Hela begs Grzesiek to play the role of Gaia instead, which she knows by heart. Will the boy dare to stand in front of the audience as a woman?!

3774th episode “On Wspólna” will be broadcast on Thursday, February 22 at 8:15 p.m. on TVN.