Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Sensational winners “I have a talent”. The jurors watched them with bated breath. What did they win?

On February 19, the last episode was broadcast in the United States “AGT: Fantasy League”, special edition “I have a talent”, in which former winners, finalists and participants took part, who were strongly remembered by Internet users and TV viewers.

After a month of competition, 10 performers entered the final of the program. The blind pianist was the favorite for the final victory Kodi Leeaerial acrobat Aidan Bryantdancer Musa Motha and choir Sainted.

Unexpectedly, the award went to the juror’s students Howie Mandel Ramadhani Brothers. A duo of acrobats from Tanzania, who show how to break the barriers of the human body, won PLN 250,000 thanks to their triumph in the program. dollars.

“I am proud of you, extremely proud. What you are doing is incredibly dangerous, but also inspiring. You deserved to win. You are big stars” – commented the juror.

Ramadhani Brothers they create Fadhili Ramadhani and Ibrahim Jobu. They are both from Tanzania. Their adventure with television began in 2022, when it will appear in Australia “I have a talent”where they received the Golden Button from one of the jurors.

The acrobatic duo’s specialty is standing on their friend’s head. During this time, both of them must demonstrate excellent coordination and almost superhuman muscle strength.

In the following months, Ramadhani appeared in talent shows in other countries. They had episodes in France (in the local “I have a talent” reached the final) Romania (they ended their adventure in the program in the semi-finals) and Spain (they appeared in the masterful edition).

After the conquest of Europe Ramadhani Brothers they set out to conquer United States. In the local one “I have a talent” they appeared in the 18th season. The participants won the hearts of the audience and the jurors, who awarded them four YES. They ended their adventure with the American program in the final, and in the semi-final of the show their extremely difficult performance received a standing ovation.

IN “AGT: Fantasy League” The duo delighted the audience and the jury with their first performance. One of the acrobats stood on the head of his friend, who, blindfolded, climbed four high chairs to a platform located over a meter above the ground, and then descended from it.

Watching the performance Mel B, who saw them on stage for the first time, was extremely shocked. Also Heidi Klumwho first grabbed her head, and then got up from her seat and watched the whole thing standing.

“Why are you doing this? You are amazing, I have no words” – she commented Mel B. “There is no level for you that you cannot surpass” – added Simon Cowell. “However, I think you can be even better” – he said Howie Mandel, pressing the Gold Button. This allowed the duo to directly advance to the final, and from then on they also joined the Mandel team (they were previously in the squad Heidi Klum).

In the final episode, which took place a week before the verdict was announced, Ramadhani Brothers they repeated their signature stunt, but this time standing on two ladders.

The performance was so spectacular that other participants waiting backstage said to each other that they did not want to go on stage after the duet.

“This is the most terrifying performance in the history of ‘Got Talent’. It was a performance worth winning” – he concluded Howie Mandel.

Shortly before the results were announced, the acrobats gave a special performance together with the singers from the program – Loren Allred, Brian Justin Crum and acrobats Emily England, Sofie Dossi and Aidan Bryant to the song “The Greatest Show” from film “The king of entertainment”.