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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Na Wspólnej”: Episode 3773. Iga confronts Piasecki

Panicked Monika alerts her husband – their son has disappeared. Kajtek doesn’t answer the phone, so Cieślik goes to his son’s school, but he doesn’t find him there. Unexpectedly, she finds the boy in front of her office. Kajtek wants to know what happened to his parents. Otherwise he will run away forever. Will he find out the truth?

Brygida surprises Iga. She asks if there is something between her and Robert. The newcomer announces that Tadeusiak is her friend and does not intend to cross this border. Will Brygida take advantage of it? Iga finds Piasecki in her office. She nods insincerely when the prosecutor asks her if she has handed over all the evidence regarding the murder of a young girl. The newcomer does not know that Piasecki has wiretapped her and Sławek.

Ziębowa runs into Eliza and Jarek. He finds himself in the middle of an argument. After what she heard during the wedding, Maria is convinced that the young Bergs are having marital problems. He asks Jarek and Eliza to forgive each other. After all, divorce is a last resort. The couple are shocked – is grandma crazy? Jarek meets with Bruno. The friend apologizes to Berg for the upset he caused in his family.

3773rd episode “On Wspólna” will be broadcast on Wednesday, February 21 at 8:15 p.m. on TVN.

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