Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He sang Niemen’s hit. Rodowicz surprised with a personal confession in “The Voice Senior”

In finale “The Voice Senior” wards Maryla Rodowicz they were: Lucyna Mazur and Roman Wojciechowski. In the first part of the final, the trainer had to say goodbye to one of the participants, and the choice fell on Mrs. Lucyna.

In his last appearance on the show Roman Wojciechowski performed the song “One Heart” Czesław Niemenor almost brought you to tears Maryla Rodowicz.

“Your performances are so striking and shocking and heartwarming. There is only one Roman. You are a wonderful artist. From the first to the last second. Even the pause is artistic. Thank you for listening to you,” she said. Alicja Węgorzewska after the participant’s performance.

“Poetry, music and Roman put it together. An extraordinary poem sung and extremely articulated sounds. Very beautiful. Congratulations,” she added Halina Frąckowiak.

At the end she commented on the whole thing Maryla Rodowicz and decided to make a personal confession.

“You sang so movingly. I have known this song for many years, but only now it moved me. I’m about to cry,” she said. Rodowiczand after a while she started quoting a fragment of the song.

“I need one heart on earth,” Wojciechowski added, and then Rodowicz interjected. “And you made me realize that I don’t have it,” she commented, and an awkward silence fell in the room. “I love you, Marilla,” the participant said to the trainer at the end.

It is worth adding that in the 1970s, Mr. Roman was friends with Czesław Niemen and members of his team. Once upon a time, a charismatic vocalist offered Mr. Roman a job – he wanted Mr. Roman to become a vocalist in his band, and Czeslaw Niemen he would be a musician. Wojciechowski never decided to do so.