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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Mystery Buster”: Dan Aykroyd discovers amazing stories. Premiere this month

Dan Aykroyd didn’t always want to be an actor. After he was expelled from the seminary, he decided to study psychology and political science. During his studies, he began performing in a theater group, and the rest, as they say, is history.

He gained fame thanks to the “Saturday Night Live” program, where he created an unforgettable duet with John Belushi. They repeated their success in the now cult film “Blues Brothers”. It was one of the biggest hits in the actor’s filmography. Years later, in 2000, the sequel – “Blues Brothers 2000” – debuted on the screens, but it was in no way equal to the original.

In 1982, Dan Aykroyd ended his adventure with “Saturday Night Live” and focused on his career on the big screen. Over the years, he starred in the unforgettable “Ghostbusters” (and its subsequent parts), in “The Great Liberace”, “50 First Dates”, “Evolution”, “Pearl Harbor”, “The Curse of the Scorpion”, “ER” “An unexpected change of places”. He entertained viewers for years. He played his first dramatic, non-comedy role in 1989 in an appreciated and beloved film “Driving Miss Daisy” for which he received an Oscar nomination.

The actor’s next projects were documentaries related to his interests in mysterious phenomena. This topic – intriguing and interesting unknown or mysterious facts – returns in the program “The Mystery Killer”.

The 10-episode production is intended to present the most amazing stories in the history of mankind. Viewers will be able to see unique archival materials, dynamic reconstructions of past events, which will be a record of the history of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, an unknown island off the coast of Mexico and many other unknown facts and intriguing stories.

On the occasion of the premiere of the production, Dan Aykroyd stated that one of the episodes of the program would definitely be suitable for a script for a full-length film. This is an episode about the island of dolls. Another great material is the story about the survival of one of the characters in a ship… at the bottom of the sea.

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