Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Does it cool or deceive. Is it worth buying a laptop stand?

Due to its design, using a laptop is different from working, for example, with a desktop computer. It is therefore not surprising that there is a wide range of accessories for portable computers that are often used during remote work and beyond. It serves two important functions and if we find a use for them, the purchase is absolutely justified.

Laying the laptop flat on the desk may cause an unnatural sitting position in front of the screen. As a rule, the laptop screen is located much too low relative to our heads. Working for many hours in front of such a computer causes non-ergonomic bending of the neck and back, which quickly results in neck pain and more.

allows you to place it higher, resulting in a more ergonomic position. We won’t have to bend down so much, and our hands will be better positioned compared to their previous position. Our backs will thank us for it!

this not only allows for better screen positioning, but also supports the original cooling. There are various devices on the market that offer an additional set of fans. These can help reduce the temperature of our computer, which will have a positive impact on its work culture.

The principle of operation of a laptop stand with fans is simple. We place the computer on the pad and connect it via the USB port. The device will draw electricity, which will turn on a set of fans. These will help remove excess warm air and replace it with a cool breeze.

, so we cannot expect miracles in this case. Typically, the influence of the cooling pad on the temperature of the components allows the temperature to be reduced by several degrees. This is a good addition, although it will not replace proper maintenance of the laptop.

is very big. The stores’ offer includes very budget models, but also more expensive ones, offering more fans or additional functions. If the model we have is a small laptop for work, the basic model will certainly be enough.

It is worth investing in a more expensive stand if you use large laptops, e.g. gaming ones. These are equipped with dedicated graphics cards, which are characterized not only by greater power, but also by the release of large amounts of heat. The fact is that – often despite the use of modern cooling systems.

In such a situation, it is worth providing the device with . When choosing a model, it is worth paying attention to the size and number of fans, as well as the possibility of arranging them – then we will be able to cool the area of ​​the housing that heats up the most.

  • Reinston EPCH01 – PLN 119.99 – 4 fans, adjustable air flow and stand height
  • Silver Monkey X Massif – PLN 120 – 4 fans, high speed and LED backlight
  • GENESIS Oxid 250 – PLN 139.99 – stable for a large laptop
  • REDRAGON Ingrid GCP511 – PLN 119.99 – 3 fans, RGB backlight

Buying a cooling pad is one way to do this. What if this doesn’t solve the problem? Then it is worth considering cleaning our computer. However, it’s not just about the contents of the disk.

After years of use, a laptop may require thorough cleaning of its components and casing crevices. Compressed air will be useful for this. Excessive dust leads to poorer heat dissipation and, as a result, to overheating of components. before more serious problems occur – high temperatures can damage e.g. a graphics card.