Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Rebel Moon” more popular than “Barbie”? That’s what Zack Snyder says

“It’s pure madness what Netflix is ​​and the platform’s distribution model. It’s not cinema. Here, all you need is a phone and you can turn on ‘Rebel Moon’ at any time, anywhere. The machine that Netflix has built is something completely different. If you think about it “This is crazy,” Zack Snyder said in an interview for “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“Let’s take the example of ‘Rebel Moon’. To date, it has been seen by people from 80-90 million accounts on Netflix. Let’s take an average of two people per account. This gives 160 million people who have seen ‘Rebel Moon’. Transferring this to the theatrical distribution model, let’s multiply this is due to the average ticket price of $10. It comes to $1.6 billion. Therefore, it is very likely that more people have seen ‘Rebel Moon’ than ‘Barbie’ – argued the director.

Let us remind you that his “Rebel Moon – Part 1: Child of Fire” premiered in mid-December last year. What was the movie about? When a peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy is threatened by powerful armies, the inhabitants’ best hope for survival is the mysterious Kora (Sofia Boutella) living among them. Tasked with finding trained warriors who will unite with her in battle, Kora gathers a group of outsiders, insurgents, villagers and war orphans from different worlds, united by the need for redemption and revenge. A new army of heroes is rising in the battle for the fate of the galaxy.

However, Snyder’s film did not receive particularly good reviews. – It is increasingly difficult for great film spectacles that combine adventure cinema, science fiction, fantasy and superhero stories to be original. Supposedly new worlds, new planets, founding myths created for the presented universes, but in fact it is a repetition of entertainment. Because if we imagined these more important motifs from the classic “Star Wars”, “The Lord of the Rings” and “Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa and mixed them together, we would get something like Zack Snyder’s new film – wrote Kuba Armata for Interia.

– From the first scenes of “Child of Fire” you can see the impetus of the production and every dollar spent. And there were probably quite a few of them. However, what is supposed to have such a strong impact on our senses acts as a double-edged sword. A distraction from the plot of the story. While watching the first part of “Rebel Moon”, I couldn’t help but feel, which often accompanies me in this type of cinema, that the creators pay more attention to explosions than to the originality of the story being told. We can only hope that these proportions will be reversed in the second part. Although I sincerely doubt it, added the critic.

The second part of “Rebel Moon”, i.e. “Inflicting Wounds”, will be added to Netflix’s offer in mid-April.