Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Mirosław Baka lost consciousness in the theater. An ambulance had to come!

Mirosław Baka is one of the most charismatic actors of his generation. He has played roles in cult productions, starting with his debut with Krzysztof Kieślowski in “A Short Film About Killing”, “Demons of War by Goya”, “Crime Wave”, “Reichu” or finally “Jack Strong”. His acting biography includes over 80 productions.

The actor was recently a guest podcast by Piotr Kędzierski and Kuba Wojewódzki, in which he mentioned, among others, works on the famous play “Hamlet” at the Wybrzeże Theater (1997). For this role, the actor won awards from the Gdańsk Voivode and the President of Gdańsk. In 1998, ZASP awarded him the Award. Zelwerowicz and became the winner of the prestigious award. Leon Schiller.

The actor admitted that the role of Hamlet required great sacrifice from him. The show, directed by Krzysztof Nazar, lasted almost six hours. The stories that the then 34-year-old Baka fainted during rehearsals and fell asleep under the table at the banquet after the premiere were an open secret.

“I didn’t sleep because I was flooded, I slept because I was just so terribly tired,” Baka confessed in the podcast.

“He was such a demanding director (Nazar – ed.). I lost consciousness after the third general performance, I don’t even know at what point,” he said, admitting that an ambulance was called to the theater. “The ambulance came to my place for the second time during the play ‘Richard III’. The same director,” the actor added with a laugh.

Recently, we could watch Mirosław Baka in films such as: “Peasants”, “Love for a square without limits” Whether “On our own. The beginning”.