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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Clan”: Episode 4303. He will beat his rival and they will be together again!

Although Emil will brazenly instruct Franczeska that the profession of a detective is not for little girls and that she should not interfere in the affairs of professionals, which will offend her greatly, he will offer her another meeting.

– Again? How long can he do that? – Michał will ask when he hears about this situation.

– Probably for a long time, because he likes our Frania – Renata (Renata Pękul) interjects.

– Maybe I’ll talk to him, huh? – Chojnicki will generously suggest.

– Come on! I told him what I thought about him yesterday and we’re even. I hope so, Franczeska will answer.

Michał will finally take the initiative and propose a date to Franczeska, and she agrees to go to the pub with him.

– Would you like to go out? – Chojnicki asked over a beer.

– Outing? From the pub? When it’s nice here… – Franka laughs.

– But it will be nicer – if we go on a trip… to Sopot, for example – what do you say? I will book some nice accommodation – I haven’t been to Sopot for a long time.

– What about Stefek and Felicja?

– Well, they have grandparents.

– What a comfortable dad you are.

– Only occasionally. How much I want to get away from home.

– And why are you so keen to get away with me?

– If so, why? But… you know, Frania.

At this point the phone will ring.

– It’s that clown – Emil – Rogulska will tell Michał when he asks who is bothering her.

Zawojda, as it turns out, will offer the girl a job in his detective agency as a secretary. Michał will find that in their company she is more than just a secretary.

– Yes? And who? – he asked Frank playfully.

In response, Chojnicki will start kissing her, and she will willingly submit to it.

The next day, Renata will catch Franka and Michał saying a tender goodbye. After Chojnicki leaves, he will ask his friend for an explanation, because not long ago she swore that Michał was just a friend.

– I… I don’t know… I guess we’re together again – he will hear in response.

The 4303rd episode of the Lubicz family saga will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 19 at 17.55 on TVP1.