Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Mateusz Ziółko in “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. He was touching as Zbigniew Wodecki

The anniversary season of the program is ahead of us “Your face sounds familiar”. This time, the finalists of previous editions of the show will appear on stage again. “The best of the best! It’s going to be great,” the producers assure.

The first episode of the anniversary edition will be available to Polsat viewers on March 8. One of the participants will be Matthew Roguewhom we talked to before the program started.

“From the very beginning, this program has had such a unique atmosphere devoid of any competition. I think that each of the participants will agree with these words that the only space in which we will fight is our limitations, fears and small fears, because each of us has “he hides things inside. And this program is an endless space in which you have to break down barriers,” he said in an interview, admitting that he does not feel pressure to appear in the program again.

He also revealed that his dream role in this edition would be Freddie Mercury. “I love singing his songs, I love the music of Queen,” he explained.

He also admitted with a laugh that training in “TTBZ” is one of the most difficult things in his career. “Paradoxically, it might seem that it would be easy for a vocalist because I work with my voice, but the most difficult thing in all of this is that you have to completely forget who you are, turn off all the things that I have learned over 25 years. This is “extremely difficult, the highest level of leaving the comfort zone, when you have to become a completely different person for these two minutes of performance,” he explained.

There was a question about the most popular role in the entire history of “TTBZ”, i.e. the role of Zbigniew Wodecki. “It was a very breakthrough moment for me, not only in the program, but also in my life. This meeting with Zbyszek Wodecki – then already dead – in his shoes, changed my thinking about this program. I mention this more than once, when we met Kris Adamski during rehearsals for the first episode, he told me: ‘You’ll see, Mateusz, this program changes people’, and of course, with my distance and nonchalance, I said: ‘Yeah, sure, you’re kidding.’ it actually was like that,” said the singer.

“During the fourth episode, this program was crushing me. It was such emotions that I cannot describe to this day. I don’t even remember being on stage, something extraordinary happened there. I felt the pressure terribly at that time. Less than a year after Zbyszek Wodecki’s death, I had to to play his character and the expectations were really, really high,” he continued.

“I don’t remember a more stressful period in my life than the time preparing for this fourth episode. But I learned a lot. When I understood what singing like Zbyszek Wodecki was all about, it opened up a new space for me to sing. My voice changed , I allowed myself to have a lot more fun singing and at concerts, so… thanks Zbyszek,” he added.

When asked about his plans outside the program, the singer admitted that there is not much time left for other activities while recording the show. “I had some more plans, but when the program started, these plans fell by the wayside. But I’m still working, so this year will definitely be full of new things. I’m already on fire, because a lot of things have been created. First, the program, which will probably last somewhere until mid-May, and this will be a period in which I won’t deal with many other things, because there will be no space for it. But there will be new things later, he assured.