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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M like love”: Episode 1789. He will fall madly in love with her. What does a married woman say?

In the morning, Budzyńska will receive a strange phone call from Dima, Nadia’s father (Mira Fareniuk), who will ask if the postman has already arrived today.

– I don’t know. And why do you ask? Are you waiting for a letter? – Magda will be interested.

– Sorry, I have to go… See you later – the Ukrainian suddenly cuts off the conversation.

A moment later, Andrzej, who is returning home, will inform his wife that he met a postman on the way.

– Guess what he brought! Even more bills! – the lawyer laughs.

– Check if there is anything for Dima. He asked about the postman – Magda will ask.

Budzyński will smile to himself, sit down at the table, put the mail in front of him, open the first envelope, and take out a folded piece of paper inside. He will skim over the first words and freeze. After further reading the letter from the Ukrainian doctor to his own wife, he will be shocked:

“I thought for a long time whether to write this letter. When I was in Siedlisko, I didn’t have the courage to tell you how I really feel about you. But now that you’re far away and maybe we’ll never see each other again… I know I have no chance, but I have to try… I didn’t want it to happen, I swear, but I love you, Magda. I… fell completely in love with you… I know I have no right that you are happy with Andrzej, but I can’t stop loving you. I can not…”

– What happened? They won’t cut off our electricity, will they? – Magda will ask jokingly, noticing her husband’s strange expression.

– I didn’t look at the envelope, I opened it quickly… But it’s for you – Budzyński will answer in a voice that’s not his own.

After reading Dima’s correspondence, Magda will be speechless for a long time. Andrzej will carefully watch her every move. She will tear the love letter in half and throw it into the burning fireplace. Without a word, Budzyński hugs his wife and kisses her tenderly.

– When I read this letter, for a moment I was ready to kill Dima. The very thought that someone could take you away from me, that I could lose you… – Andrzej honestly admits.

Magda will dial Dima’s number.

– There was a postman – he will say as a greeting.

– I see? – the nervous Ukrainian will answer.

– But for the sake of all of us, let’s assume that I didn’t receive any letter. You didn’t write it, I didn’t read it, Budzyńska will declare.

Dima will be silent for a long moment.

– Are you there? – Magda will ask.

– I am. I see. This will indeed be the best, Dima will answer in a choked voice.

We reveal that the 1789th episode “M jak miłość will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 12 at 20.55 on TVP2.