Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Marcin Maciejczak wanders around at night in his Eurovision hit. Fans have no doubts

Marcin Maciejczak was a revelation of the 3rd edition of “The Voice Kids”. The participant delighted the audience and coaches with his interpretation of the emotional hit Lady Gaga’s “I’ll Never Love Again” from the film soundtrack “A Star Is Born”.

The performance from the blind auditions was included in the list of the best performances in all editions of “The Voice Kids” around the world. Marcin’s other performances from the program also enjoyed great popularity on the Internet. In the finale of the program, he presented his debut single “As if nothing happened” and defeated Hania Sztachańska and Natalia Kawalec.

The song “As if nothing” immediately topped the charts of Polish radio stations and had millions of listens. His debut album was released in 2021 “Those Days”and a year later he released an EP “Hypno”. He cooperated with, among others: With Justyna Steczkowska, Sarah James and Natalia Nykiel.

Maciejczak wanted to represent Poland at Eurovision this year. “The last few months have revolved around a topic that has always been playing quietly in my soul, but I silenced it a bit. However, you here, the listeners I meet on various occasions, and even journalists in conversations with me, stimulated it significantly. After I made this decision quietly some time ago (…) I decided to enter the Eurovision Song Contest,” he wrote in September 2023.

However, his proposal lost in the voting – the singer took third place (ex aequo with LUC, Dagadana, Kayah “Autumn – Dance”) receiving a total of 23 points from the jurors. Fans commenting on the new “Midnight Dreamer” are almost sure that it would conquer the Eurovision stage.

“Wow, completely different sound”; “I can say with full confidence that this is a song worthy of Eurovision”; “The jury must have gone blind and deaf”; “I can’t tear myself away,” they write in the comments under the video.

Listen to “Midnight Dreamer”:

The piece is a contemporary story about a moon boy who can only lose himself in dance at night and truly be himself for a moment. His magical uniqueness, however, does not allow him to build lasting relationships and reciprocate the feelings he longs for so much.

Regardless of the times we live in, what myths and legends currently rule our world, the story of a teenager misunderstood by those around him, like a trickster, resonates with us at the threshold of adulthood to be told anew.

The song was created by an international team of Polish and Portuguese creators and producers. They are responsible for the music Gabriel Faria, Maria Veiga and Marcin Maciejczak. Apart from them, they are also responsible for the text layer Michał Majak and Alice Fernandes.

Marcin Maciejczak has already clearly defined his musical path with his first single “As if nothing” (Platinum Album, over 12 million views on YouTube and almost 6 million streams on Spotify) and proved that by winning a talent show you don’t have to follow the beaten path to achieve success. . His debut album remained in the TOP10 of the most frequently purchased albums in Poland for several weeks. “Those Days” was recognized in many summaries by music journalists as one of the best Polish pop albums of 2021. He played dozens of concerts, including at the most important festivals and major television events.

At the end of 2022, the mini-album “Hypno” was released, with which the artist opened a new electropop chapter in his work, and at the end of 2023, the single “Pillow Book (something nie about me)” was released, created with Chloe Martiniwhich was the first single opening a new chapter in Marcin’s professional path, after ending his cooperation with Universal Music Polska.

The song “Midnight Dreamer” was created for Eurovision 2024 in cooperation with creators from several countries. The song will be included on Marcin’s second album, the premiere of which is scheduled for September 2024. Marcin can boast of impressive results on social media platforms. He has over 174,000 followers on Instagram. active followers, and his most popular TikToks reach multi-million viewers.

Marcin is currently in his final year of high school and combines creating music with preparing for his final exams. He turned 18 in January and had his prom. Instead of a grand birthday party, he went on a week-long trip to Paris, which was his big dream for his 18th birthday.