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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Na Wspólnej”: Episode 3778. Monika is moving out! Is the marriage over?

Monika moves out to her mother. She thanks Maria for taking her in, even though she knows how much she failed her. Ziębowa comforts her daughter – she thinks that Damian still loves Monika and will finally forgive her betrayal. Meanwhile, Szulc’s sister bursts into Cieślik’s office. Martyna comforts Damian and welcomes the betrayed to the club. The couple gets along very well.

Kaja thanks Iga and Tadeusiak for stopping her from killing Piasecki. The prosecutor will receive the deserved punishment. Meanwhile, Brygida is devastated. He’s failing physics again. And I don’t want Robert’s help anymore. The visitor asks Tadeusiak if he has any conflict with Brygida…

The star files a divorce petition with his wife. Marcelina will do anything to appease her husband. Przemek thanks his chiefs for their help and discreet investigation of their people. However, Smolny and Kwiatkowski want to know what happens to the future of their editorial office and employees? The star announces that there will be no layoffs, but on one condition.

3778th episode “On Wspólna” will be broadcast on Thursday, February 29 at 8:15 p.m. on TVN.