Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Mandarin in a photo together with her daughter. “I thought they were friends”

Fabienne Wiśniewska is a daughter Michał Wiśniewski and Marta Mandrykiewicz “Mandarins”. The singer of the hit “Evry Night” She turned 46 years old on March 12. It was a unique opportunity to share a common photo online.

What surprises Fabienne herself, apparently, is that her mother doesn’t age at all. It must be admitted that Mandarin looks great – and her 20-year-old daughter is almost identical to the famous mother.

“I admire you for sticking with us without getting old… Happy birthday mom, you are the greatest of all time!” – wrote 20-year-old Fabienne on the occasion of her mother’s birthday.

It didn’t take long for Mandarin’s response to appear in the comments section. “I love you more than anything in the world! Thank you,” she said to her daughter.

Instagram followers were also delighted with the appearance of both women. “Time has definitely stopped for mom. You girls are beautiful. Happy birthday to mom and good health, because she will take care of the rest”; “I thought they were two friends. Time has stood still for Mom. Happy birthday!”; “But you are beautiful. Mom doesn’t age at all,” we read in the news.