Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What ruined Lily Allen’s career? The singer’s honest confession. “You can not have everything”

Lily Allen She was once one of the most popular British singers. The London-born singer has released four studio albums, which were once at the top of the best-selling albums on the islands, as well as hits such as “Smile”, “Not Fair” and “F**k You”. And yet, the Grammy-nominated artist has not presented new material to listeners for a long time.

Allen, who released her last solo album in 2018, recently revealed that there was a conscious decision behind it. “I felt terribly lonely and isolated. I’m too sensitive for this” – admitted the star in an interview with “Far Out Magazine”.

Meanwhile, it turns out that motherhood also had an impact on the British’s musical career. Allen with her ex-husband Sam Cooper she had two daughters: 12 years old now Ethel Mary and 10 years old Marnie Rose. Guesting on the podcast “Radio Times” the artist revealed that raising children forced her to change her priorities, which severely affected her professional life.

“My children ruined my career. I love them, they make me feel complete, but when it comes to being a pop star – they completely ruined it” – the singer confessed with disarming honesty.

Author of the hit “Smile” she emphasized that although she is aware of how much she sacrificed, she does not regret the choices she made.

“It irritates me when people say that you can reconcile all this, because, honestly, no, you can’t. You can not have everything. Some people choose their career over their children and that is their prerogative. When I was a child, my parents weren’t there for me. I feel like it has left me with scars that I want to spare from my own children. I decided to withdraw and I don’t regret it at all” – she emphasized.

In 2020, Allen married David Harbour, an American actor known, among others, from the series “Stranger Things”. A conversation with her loved one inspired her to start a new chapter in her career. In the fall of 2022, the singer starred in a show on London’s West End “2:22 A Ghost Story”and for her role she was nominated for a prestigious award Olivier Award.
“When I got a call from the casting director, I refused because I’m not an actress. And then I talked it over with David. I felt a little directionless, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life other than being a mom. He advised me to call back. Five weeks later I was on trial” – revealed the star.