Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Baron decided that he had to tell this to the participant in “The Voice Kids”. “Doesn’t want…”

“This isn’t your first attempt at ‘Voice’,” he said Tomasz Kammel down Sofia Jelonkiewicz. The participant revealed that this was her fourth attempt to get into the program.

“It warms my heart that there are people who are so stubborn and steadfast that they want to keep trying until they succeed,” the presenter added. “Since the first edition she has been saying that it is her dream to perform,” revealed Sofia’s father.

Jelonkiewicz performed a song in front of the coaches Craig David’s “Walking Away”. And this time, the adventure with the program for the 14-year-old was a complete success, and they turned their backs on their seats Tomson with Baron and Cleo.

The trainers first admired the participant’s original name and then moved on to the assessment.

“You took up the song Craig David, and apart from the sounds, which you did very well, we were waiting for the steps, those downhill sections that he often abuses. And we got them in good shape. Despite the stress that was audible,” Tomson said.

When, after Urbańska’s question, the participant revealed that she was interested in fashion, Baron had to admit with regret that the 14-year-old singer had a lot in common with Cleo.

“I don’t want to act to our detriment, but Cleo is interested in fashion, alterations and styling,” he said, which was confirmed by the trainer.

“I turned around because I thought you had potential that still needed to be worked on. And I think you had a good basis for it,” she added Cleo. Ultimately, however, Sofia made it to the team Tomson and Baron. “Thank you for your trust,” the duo said at the end.

“Sofia is 14 years old. She is an energetic and very sensitive teenager. She started her adventure with music at the age of 5, taking part in a song competition, where she won second place. Since then, she has successfully represented Rzepin at numerous festivals and reviews. In addition to She is interested in music and fashion. She loves her dogs Luna and Juki. She is caring and willing to take care of her younger siblings. In the future, she would like to become a doctor or an English teacher,” we read on the website of “The Voice Kids”.