Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Concert in memory of Jacek Zieliński from the Skaldowie group in Krakow – report

The concert, which gathered hundreds of fans, was unique and full of emotions. Jacek Zieliński's relatives appeared on the stage, including his children – Gabriela and Bogumił.

One of the songs was dedicated to Halina Zielińska, Jacek's widow, which was warmly received by the audience.

Monday evening, which initially promised to be rainy, eventually brought cloudless skies. The event, hosted by Piotr Metz from Radio Trójka, began with the broadcast of the recording “Let's not close the door” originally performed by Jacek Zieliński.

Andrzej Zieliński announced the first live song – the moving “I'll Go to Heaven”, performed by the Wołosatki band.

The repertoire of the over two-hour concert was a mixture of the greatest hits Skaldów from the 1960s and 1970s, such as “The Twenty-Sixth Dream” or “You're All in Larks”and newer songs, including from the band's last album.

The concert was attended by famous artists of the Polish music scene, such as Anna Rusowicz, Stanisław Wenglorz, violinist Alicja Śmietana and Justyna Panfilewicz.

Anna Rusowicz performed the songs “Everything tells me that someone loved me” and “Katastrophe” with the band Skaldowie.

“Skaldowie, like no other band, could talk about terrible things in a joking way. And that was Jacek – despite the hardships he was going through, he said: 'Go ahead, rock'n'roll!'” – said Rusowicz while performing “Katastropha” .

One of the most touching moments was the performance of Łukasz Lach and Gabriela Zielińska with the song “In the yellow flames of leaves”. Very moved, Gabriela thanked her father for being able to say goodbye to him.

“I wanted to thank my dad terribly for waiting for me… Only when I arrived, he left, in the company of his loved ones – mine, my mother and Boguś. Thank you, dad, for allowing me to meet you again,” said the artist's daughter.

Many musicians and vocalists performed on stage, including Piotr Chłosta, Grzegorz Grunwald, Jan Karpiel-Bułecki's band and Barbara Stępniak-Wilk. The audience responded enthusiastically to each song, and the finale of the concert was extremely moving. All artists together performed the Christmas song “Z kopyta kulig rwie” and the legendary “Spring”.

The concert ended with the recording of “Harmony of the World” performed by Jacek Zieliński. The artists left the stage, hugging and smiling.

Jacek Zieliński will remain in the hearts of his fans forever.