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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“M like love”: Episode 1796. Will a new character in the series break up their marriage?

To the chief’s surprise, the mutual presentation of Chodakowska and Majer will turn out to be unnecessary.

– Do you know each other? – Argasiński will be surprised.

– Wojtuś is my classmate. We studied together! – Aneta will explain.

– What a suprise. Chodakowska? Don’t tell me you’re the wife of this… walking legend? – Majer will ask.

– Let’s not talk about it, okay? But you also changed your name. Majer?

– Szczyrzewski was impossible for the Austrians to overcome, so… I left Majer as an inheritance from my ex-wife – Wojciech will reveal.

– You haven’t changed anything… – a friend from years ago will compliment Chodakowska.

– Oh, I remember having a crush on you! The prettiest chick in the department – he will add.

– And you? The biggest joke under the sun! – Aneta will laugh.

– Don’t talk, come here to me… – Wojtek will spontaneously attract Chodakowska to him.

At this moment, Olek will enter the doctor’s room and find his wife having affection with his new competition. No wonder he’ll make a dull face.

– Wojtek is a friend from college, we haven’t seen each other for ages, and now… we will work together! Great, right? – Aneta will say excitedly, and then, in Olek’s presence, she will invite Wojtuś for dinner.

The prospect of having dinner together will upset Chodakowski, who will ask his wife for an explanation.

-You didn’t even ask me! Or maybe I had other plans for today? (…) You put me in a very awkward situation. I’m going to work with this guy, I’m going to be his supervisor… I’d rather get to know him at work first than get to know him over dinner at home.

– (…) Do you want to hit me? You have no right to pick on me when you yourself are behaving like… self-centered! – Chodakowska will get angry.

– I?

– You are “so brilliant”! Argasiński constantly praises you, the patients are delighted. The interns and nurses make googly eyes at you…

– Don’t be so jealous again – Olek laughs.

– I’m not jealous, just furious! I married a nice, normal guy, and at home I have… a narcissist in love with me! – I will call things by their name Aneta.

Will Chodakowski take his wife’s words to heart?

We reveal that the 1796th episode “M jak miłość will be broadcast on Tuesday, April 9 at 20.55 on TVP2.