Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Eurovision 2024: Luna announces changes. What conditions did she set?

On February 19, TVP announced that she was the Polish representative at Eurovision she stayed Aleksandra Wielgomashiding under a pseudonym Glow. The choice of the Polish candidate this year was decided by a five-person jury. It included: singer Kasia Moś (Poland representative at Eurovision 2017), Piotr Klatt (formerly the head of the festival in Opole and the Polish pre-selection for Eurovision), Michał Hanczak (journalist Radio Eska), Konrad Szczęsny (president Association of Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest OGAE Poland) and Łukasz Pieter (music director Radio ZET).

The jurors selected 10 items and gave them points on a scale from 1 to 10. In this way, it turned out that Luna’s proposal – “The Tower” (listen) – received 34 points, a Justyna Steczkowska with number “WITCH-ER Tarohoro” (check!) 33 points. They took third place in the voting – with the same result – Marcin Maciejczak (“Midnight Dreamer” – check!) and Dagadana and Kayah with the song “Autumn dance” (check!) from film “Peasants”.

The singer took to social media to show a photo from London with her Jerry Reeve – director who has collaborated with such stars as, among others, Justin Timberlake and Jonas Brothers. He was responsible for the Eurovision performance James Newman in 2021. The Briton doesn’t remember him very well – he took last place without even scoring a point! The director’s presence has caused considerable concern among fans, who worry that his previous experience does not bode well.

In addition to Reeve, the choreographer will also take care of the setting Lucas McFarlane (he worked, among others, on the British “The Voice”he was also responsible for the choreography of the guest performance Rita Ora while Eurovision 2023) and his assistant Kamila Zalewska.

“I feel that this year Eurovision needs light. During these three minutes, I would like to take the viewers on a quick trip to a small place called the Moon. (…) There will be a tower there. Maybe even several,” Luna revealed in an interview with ESCplus International.

It is already known that the main theme of the performance in Malmö will be the chessboard known from the music video. The singer will be accompanied on stage by three dancers.

Luna also revealed that several changes had been made to the competition song, but they would only be revealed in May during a presentation in Sweden.

“‘The Tower’ is a manifesto of freedom and strength; a way out of darkness and darkness. Abandoning ties, blockages, limitations, negative patterns and relationships. Demolishing the tower and going out into the world. It is realizing one’s own strength, fullness and that limitations are ours. creation. The tower is a place or state that we build ourselves,” said the 24-year-old singer.

In addition to Luna, the music video featured, among others: Helena Norowicz (89-year-old actress and model), actor Bartosz Porczyk, Sylwia Achu and Łukasz Bogusławski, and the main motif is the game of chess. Responsible for directing Maciej Zakliczyńskichoreographer known for “Dancing with the Stars” and a trainer taking care of the participants’ metamorphoses “Your face sounds familiar”.