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Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1791. Igor will score points with the Rogowskis! Basia will be infatuated with the footballer

As soon as young Rogowska confesses to her grandmother Barbara (Teresa Lipowska), she is more and more in love with a promising football player, although they are not officially a couple yet, Michał will show up in Grabina unannounced in the morning to invite her on a date and to the match, where he plans to introduce Basia to his teammates as his girlfriend.

The high school graduate will greatly surprise the teenager, because not only that she will bring beautiful bouquets of flowers for her mother and grandmother, then he will politely ask:

– Could I invite Basia for a ride and dinner?

– God, Michał… Stop! What an embarrassment! – Basia will protest, embarrassed.

– How could I not agree? – Maria will laugh.

– And I? I guess I have something to say too? – Rogowski interjects jokingly.

-Dad! I’m begging you…

– Two conditions! First: driving in accordance with the regulations. And secondly: Basia has to be home before nine o’clock…

– Of course! – the footballer will ensure.

– Come on! But you stopped the circus… – Basia will whisper, grabbing the boy’s sleeve.

I’m just getting started – he will hear in response.

Ultimately, the young people will not go to a fancy restaurant in Gródek, where they will have a reservation, but to a nearby animal shelter. They will spend the next hours as volunteers, taking stray dogs for a walk.

Later, Michał will invite Basia to a crazy, yet romantic photo session in the photo booth. Moreover, lovers will eat chocolate muffins to go. As a farewell, the footballer will give the young Rogowska a keychain with the letter “M” studded with crystals and will kiss the girl for the first time.

No wonder then the teenager will return home completely delighted – much to the amusement of her parents and grandmother.

– Was great! Really, amazing! I am so in love… And so happy! – Basia boasts, rolling her eyes.

– I don’t know, do I want to listen to it… – drawls Rogowski.

– I’m very happy, darling – says Maria.

We reveal that the 1791st episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 18 at 8:55 p.m. on TVP2.

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