Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The performance from “The Voice of Poland” conquers the Internet again after many years. Thousands of delighted comments from all over the world

Profile “The Voice Global” as the name suggests, it collects the best performances from the show’s edition “The Voice” from around the world. Show produced by John De Mol debuted in 2010 in the Netherlands. It quickly turned out that the format was sold to other countries, and apart from local mutations, it also had versions, including: for children (“The Voice Kids”) and older participants (“The Voice Senior”).

For the first time on TVP “The Voice of Poland” shown in the fall of 2011. In the first edition, participants were assessed Kayah, Ania Dąbrowska, Andrzej Piaseczny and Nergal. Since then, there have been numerous changes in the coaching staff. In the last, 14th edition, they sat in red chairs Justyna Steczkowska, Marek Piekarczyk, Lanberry and a duet Baron and Thomson With Afromental. The latter are real veterans – they only missed the first and ninth editions.

“The trainers turned their chairs around after ONLY THE FIRST VERSE” – this is the caption on “The Voice Global” profile from the casting performance Mateusz Ziółki in the third edition of “The Voice of Poland”.

The singer sang a ballad in the program “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Michael Bolton (check!), to which the coaches at that time reacted immediately: Edyta Górniak, Maria Sadowska, Marek Piekarczyk and Baron with Tomson. Delighted, Górniak and Sadowska started shouting over who should have the participant on their team.

“God, what a voice! I have goosebumps everywhere,” commented Edyta Górniak, who couldn’t sit still after the participant’s performance. “You are ridiculously good. This is world class,” added Maria Sadowska.

“You are a man, you need a task, you already have everything, you just don’t have any more problems, come to me” – encouraged Marek Piekarczyk.

Ziółko ultimately chose Sadowska and it was a good choice, because he won the program in cooperation with her.

Appearance in “The Voice of Poland” Mateusz Ziółka Viewed on YouTube over 18 million times! The singer also had one of the greatest television careers after ending his adventure with the TVP talent show.

The recording recalled after many years has already recorded over 4.4 million views, over 200,000. reactions and several thousand comments from fans from all over the world. “What a voice”, “I’m lost for words”, “Amazing” – they admire the Pole.

He has two albums to his credit – “Na newly” (2017, went gold) and “Tak postro” (2022) – as well as radio hits: “In flames”, “Szkło”, “Planety”, “Take me” and “Vis-a-vis.” He also guest appeared in such hits as: “7th thing” by Liber, “Bezdroża” by Sylwia Grzeszczak and “Horyzonty” by Sound’n’Grace.

In 2018, Ziółko took part in the program “Your face sounds familiar”which he ultimately won, and his portrayal of the character Zbigniew Wodecki went down in Polsat show history. Moved Piotr Gąsowski he cried like a beaver.

Let us add that Ziółko will take part in the anniversary edition of “TTBZ” with the participation of finalists from years ago, which will start on March 8.