Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Depeche Mode played in Łódź. Crowds of fans came to Atlas Arena. see photos

Group Depeche Mode (listen!) is on its first tour since the death of the longtime member Andy Fletcher (died May 26, 2022). For some time it was not known whether they would return to playing, but after the premiere of their album “Memento Mori”, they also announced a huge, global concert tour, which was originally supposed to have two stops in Poland: August 2, 2023 in in Warsaw and August 4, 2023 in Krakow.

It was then confirmed that the “Memento Mori” tour would last longer than originally expected. After stadium and hall concerts in Europe, Canada, the USA and Mexico, the band’s musicians did not give up and announced further concert plans.

The European part of the tour, starting in London at the end of January 2024, includes nearly 30 performances. This time it was DM’s stop in Poland Łódź. The group played their first concert here on February 27 at Atlas Arena. And the next one – in the same place – is scheduled for February 29. The British reached Poland by plane from Prague.

The repertoire of the Polish concert was based on the albums “Memento Mori”, “Violator”, “Music for the Masses”, “Playing the Angel” and “Songs of Faith and Devotion”. During the performance of the cult band, there were hits such as: “Policy of Truth”, “I Feel You”, “Stripped”, “Enjoy the Silence”, “Never Let Me Down” and “Personal Jesus”.

Below you can read the list of songs that Depeche Mode performed at the concert in Łódź: