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Jacob Mendez

“M jak miłość”: Episode 1782. He will propose to Iwona! Will he say yes?

In the new episode “M like love” Kama will go with Marcin to her doctor, and the doctor will completely surprise the young ones – after an ultrasound examination, she will decide that the girl is not pregnant at all.

– Most likely, the test gave a false positive result… It happens – rarely, but it does happen.

– And… my nausea?

– They may have another cause, for example stress. But I’m actually sure you’re not expecting a baby…

Meanwhile, Kasia’s next day will bring only despair and pain… At work, the girl will tell Aneta that she still can’t get close to Justyna.

– I have the impression that after so many years without contact… we are like strangers to each other. Well, so many bad things happened… Justyna tries to make it up to me somehow, but I can’t bring myself to do it… Basically… the only thing we have in common is caring for my aunt. But it won’t last long…

And after a few hours the sisters will receive news of Stawska’s death…

However, the real “revolution” awaits seniors: Iwona and Jerzy on Monday! After a romantic dinner – by candlelight – Argasiński will give in to his mood, fall on his knees and… ask his beloved to marry him.

– Have you been looking at me like that for a long time?

– Just a moment… but I could spend my whole life! Iwona, will you marry me?

A second later, the professor will get trashed – and he will be shocked. However, Aneta’s mother will immediately start “negotiations”…

– My… counter-proposal is: let’s live together! I will be your fiancée… but not your wife. What do you think? I have no intention of giving up such a fantastic ring!

– I agree…

– Well… the deal is done!

And after a while, Jerzy will take his “fiancée” into his arms again!

– Can I ask you to dance, my… not-wife?

We reveal that the 1782nd episode of “M jak miłość” will be broadcast on Monday, February 19 at 8:55 p.m. on TVP2.

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