Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Love Without Prejudice”: Anne Hathaway on working with Joanna Kulig

“I often thank Paweł (Pawlikowski) that thanks to his film I can experience more wonderful things,” says Joanna Kulig in an interview for the Polish Press Agency. Her extraordinary talent was noticed not only by the Polish director, but also by foreign creators. Including Rebecca Miller, whose film “Love Without Prejudice” has just been released in cinemas. The Polish actress plays Magdalena, an immigrant who cleans the main characters’ house. As it turns out, her character was inspired by a friend of Rebecca Miller, who, for various reasons, emigrated to the United States with small children, without her then-husband.

They play the main roles Anne Hathaway, Peter Dinklage and Marisa Tomei. Joanna Kulig talked about the beginnings of cooperation with them in an interview with PAP. “She (Rebecca Miller) immediately went to my heart and a bond quickly developed between us. Later, I was worried whether it would work with Anne Hathaway, whether we would be open to each other, or whether it would be a very formal contact and we would not have opportunity to get to know each other better. Meanwhile, we liked each other very much. Peter and Marisa were also great. The opportunity to meet them and watch how they work was a really great experience. I am grateful to all my colleagues for the support they showed me on the set. I really learned a lot.” – admitted the actress.

Anne Hathaway also talked about working on the set of “Love Without Warning”. The winner of an Oscar for her supporting role in “Les Misérables”, in an interview with Marcin Radomski for the Onet portal, spoke highly of Joanna Kulig. “I saw her in two films – ‘Ida’ and ‘Cold War’. We have many specific features in common that I rarely share with other people. She is kind, open and versatile,” admitted the actress. “Working with Joanna was great, she smiled as often as I did, but she also had incredible strength. It was a pleasure to meet her. Everything she did, she did perfectly. We supported each other a lot,” she added.

Romantic comedy “Love Without Warning” Rebecca Miller is a story full of humor that nothing is impossible in a big city, and all its inhabitants have one thing in common – hope that the long-awaited love will finally come. A composer living in the most inspiring city in the world is facing a crisis – he must write an opera that will delight all of New York. The matter is not simple – the jaded cream of society has seen almost everything. On the advice of his wife, who, although she runs a popular therapeutic clinic, struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder herself, he decides to look for inspiration in the least expected place. His muse will be a sex addict, the captain of a fishing vessel drifting around Manhattan.