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Love secrets of Władysław Hańcza. The truth that shocks

Władysław Hańcza – an outstanding actor who brought fame the role of Kargul in Sylwester Chęciński’s film trilogyOur own people“, “There are no strong ones” and “Love or leave” – he was a very… amorous man. He never hid the fact that he had a weakness for beautiful women, especially those who admired him and allowed him to adore them. The actor was famous in the community for his numerous love conquests, but all his friends were convinced that he was the only one “a seducer-storyteller” in fact, devoted to his wife – the beloved actress Barbara Ludwig. Only a few knew that he was cheating on her a lot, and once he even wanted to get a divorce because he lost his head over her friend!

Barbara Ludwiżanka was the second wife of Władysław Hańcza. The actor got married for the first time on September 23, 1929 – on that day he led the 19-year-old star of the Poznań Polish Theater, Helena Chaniecka, to the altar, who three years later gave birth to his son. Władysław junior was 16 years old when his parents divorced, and his father married Barbara Ludwiżanka, with whom he had long had close relations.

Hańcza, who is almost two meters tall, fell in love with the petite Basia very quickly. He left Helena and little Władek for her because he believed that she was a woman made for him. Unfortunately, the situation in the country separated them – she was arrested and he fought at the front. After liberation, they met again and lived in an open relationship for several years, because the actor was in no hurry to divorce. Only in 1948 did he decide to officially end his marriage and start a new family.

Shortly after marrying Barbara Ludwiżanka, Hańcza completely lost his head for his colleague from the theater – a legendary star Elżbieta Barszczewskawith whom he was still in love as a young boy, long before he met Basia… Apparently, when he met her at the Polish Theater in Warsaw years later, he went crazy about her, but she – in love with her husband Marian Wyrzykowski – resisted for some time. his advances, but she finally gave in and had an affair with him.

Elizabeth and Władysław were united by great passion. They plunged into a relationship that could ruin not only their reputations, but also their careers and positions in the so-called company. It was common knowledge that Hańcza was friends with the husband of Barszczewska, who in turn was one of Barbara Ludwiżanka’s closest friends. When a rumor began to spread around Warsaw that they had more in common than just work, they decided they had to end the affair before it became really public.

Władysław Hańcza returned to his wife. In one of the interviews, he confessed that he was only with his wife “little Basieńka” (that’s what he called her) feels like a real, fulfilled man. However, this did not stop him from adoring beautiful girls who were drawn to him.

– I like women, being fully aware of their flaws. Their psyche, with all the ballast of typically female weaknesses, moves me and at the same time makes me more sensitive and therefore probably better – he said in the magazine “Movie”.

Barbara Ludwiżanka looked at her husband’s love affairs with indulgence, because she knew that he would always come back to her in the end. When Władysław Hańcza, then 72, was hospitalized in the fall of 1977, she sat by his bed and held his hand. She was with him until the end…

Władysław Hańcza passed away on November 19, 1977. Barbara Ludwiżanka died 13 years later. Her last wish was to rest next to her beloved husband.

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