Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Lando”: Billy Dee Williams on a possible return to the role

“Pay me a lot of money and I’ll sell my soul,” Williams declared in an interview with Radio Times magazine when asked about returning to the role of Lando. Then he focused on Donald Gloverwho played the younger version of the character in the film “Han Solo: A Star Wars Story”. The actor is to return to her in the film “Lando”, for which he also wrote the script.

“He belongs to a new generation,” he said Williams about a younger professional colleague. “He’s a talented young man with a huge imagination. It’s not my decision what he should do with this character at this point. I did my job in the 20th century, he has to take care of the 21st century.”

Williams added that he met with Glover. “I had a nice little lunch with him. A wonderful young man. Extremely talented. But I don’t see him… I guess when it comes to Lando Carlissian, there’s only one Lando Carlissian. I created the character. So I told him, for him to be captivating. Two words. That’s all I had to tell him. That’s all I could think of.”

Glover also brought up this situation some time ago. “He was right, Lando is the embodiment of charm,” said the “Atlanta” star.

Williams made his film debut as Lando “The Empire Strikes Back” from 1980. The role was repeated in “Return of the Jedi” and “The Rise of Skywalker”.