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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Hostages”: Filming for the new Polsat series has ended

The series “Hostages” is an intriguing combination of thriller and psychological thriller.

One December evening, just before Christmas, four masked attackers break into the Osters’ house. They take the family hostage and make one demand. Erica (Magdalena Różczka) must kill a businessman-philanthropist (Jan Englert) during a routine operation that she is to perform the next day. If the businessman does not die on the operating table, Erika’s entire family will die… When the doctor goes to work, she is forced to “play” in front of the whole world, while her loved ones are in mortal danger.

The Osters become prisoners in their own home. Over time, it turns out that each of them is hiding some secrets that are only now starting to come to light and disrupt their seemingly orderly world. Nothing in this story is what it initially seemed… The dramatic demand placed on Erika Oster forces her to make an extremely difficult decision – should she do evil for the good of her family?

The strength of the “Hostages” series, apart from the dynamic, suspenseful and surprising action, is primarily the universal threads and the attempt to answer the questions: What can we do to save our loved ones? Are there any limits that must not be crossed? Is everyone capable of killing for a higher purpose?

The cast includes a galaxy of Polish actors: Magdalena Różczka, Piotr Adamczyk, Leszek Lichota, Jan Englert, Piotr Żurawski, Stanisław Linowski, Malwina Buss, Nel Kaczmarek, Konrad Kąkol and others.

The series with 7 episodes is produced under the license of the Israeli format “Bnei Aruba”.

The director of “Hostages” is Maciej Migas, known among others. from such productions as “Brothers”, “The Arrangement”, “Trace”, “Live Not Die”. Bartek Cierlica (“How I Became a Gangster”, “True History”, “Skazana”) is responsible for the photos, and the author of the adaptation is Michał Wawrzecki (“Chyłka” – all seasons, “Żywioły Sasza – Fire”. The series is produced by TFP.

The premiere of the series “Hostages” will take place on the Polsat Box Go platform.