Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

In “The Voice Kids” they didn’t turn their chair around and quickly regretted it! “What idiots you are”

Milena Kluczyńska during blind auditions to “The Voice Kids” she sang the song “Englishman In New York” by Sting. In addition, the participant played a clarinet solo in the song.

She was the first to turn her chair around Cleo and did not hide her surprise that the young singer also had an instrument in her hand. After a while, she also joined the fight for Milena Natasza Urbańska.

They didn’t press their button all the way Thomson With Baron, which caused them to be criticized by the coaches. “What are you waiting for?” – Urbańska asked them during the song.

An armchair after the performance Tomson and Baron he turned around and they realized that it was the participant who played the clarinet solo. “What idiots you are,” she said Cleo. “What idiots we are. Wow… We are idiots” – he sprinkled ash on his head Baron.

In a conversation with the coaches, Kluczyńska admitted that she had been playing the clarinet for three years. “You feel the music, girl,” Urbańska praised the participant.

“The way you feel, the way you play with these sounds. When I turned around, you acted as if you had always been on stage. I am delighted with you,” she said. Cleo.

“I see potential in you. You can be quite a genius with this clarinet,” added Urbańska.

Ultimately, Kluczyńska decided to cooperate with Natasha. When she left the stage, they still regretted their choice Tomson with Baron.

“It was worth turning around earlier. You guys lost your vigilance,” the coaches commented. “Dear Tomson and Baron, we greet you warmly and next time we wish you to be more vigilant,” he concluded Tomasz Kammel.

“Milenie has been singing since she was seven years old and has been attending classes for three years Music School Grażyna Bacewicz in Wrocław. There she met her greatest love – the clarinet, and it was love at first blow. For her, music is the whole world. She also learns to play the piano and belongs to a girls’ choir National Forum of Music in Wrocław. Milena cannot imagine any other place in life than the music scene,” we read on the website of “The Voice Kids”.