Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Krzysztof Skiba and the case of the film “Nothing Happened”. TVP lost in court

About the end of the case with the film “Nothing Happened” Krzysztof Skiba announced via social media.

“The Court of Appeal found that my rights to a good image were grossly violated by slandering me without any evidence. What’s most amusing, TVP’s lawyers defended themselves by saying that I did not understand the film, because there is no suggestion in the film that I had anything to do with the described scandal,” he said.

“Using the successful trial, TVP must now apologize to me by publishing the schedule at 9 p.m. on Channel One, provide Latkowski’s film available on the YT channel with appropriate information and pay financial compensation (PLN 70,000 plus interest),” he said.

The musician also added that this is the first case he has won in this case. “There are still trials pending in the courts for other people who also felt slandered by the image broadcast on TVP,” he added, enumerating that the courts were also addressed by, among others, Kuba Wojewódzki, Borys Szyc and Radosław Majdan.

In the film “Nothing Happened”, Latkowski touched upon the case of a “hunter of teenagers from Tricity”, associated with the Zatoka Sztuki in Sopot. “The story of ‘Teenage Hunters’ itself was true and had been described many times in the media (several hundred articles were written about it, a book was published and a documentary film was made).

The novelty of Latkowski’s film, which gave it incredible publicity, was the insinuation that famous people who visited or performed at Zatoka Sztuki knew or participated in the practice of abusing underage girls. In this context, my photo also appeared in the film,” Skiba describes, adding that there was no evidence to confirm the musician’s connection with the case.

“The whole issue of Latkowski’s film has a deeper meaning. It was a time when there was much talk about numerous pedophilia scandals in the Catholic Church. TVPiS ordered a film that was supposed to divert attention from these scandals and cast a shadow of suspicion on famous people from the world of culture. Me and a dozen or so other people were treated extremely instrumentally, pasting our photos into a slippery, pedophilic narrative,” he concluded.