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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“For good and for bad”: Episode 914. She’s bankrupt. He doesn’t even have money for food!

Let us remind you that we were the first to write about the fact that Sikorka would suddenly appear in the office of director Woźnicka (Emilia Komarnicka-Klynstra) asking to be accepted back to work at the hospital in Lesnogóra, twistingly explaining that this place was a source of creative inspiration for her.

– I can’t have you! Come, sit down, talk, I’m making sandwiches, talk, everything… – Halinka squeals at the sight of Sikorka dressed in fur.

– Even I can’t tell you everything – Lucyna laughs unnaturally.

– But what, how, where do you come from and in such a way that takes your breath away?

– Aaaah… Yes, indeed.

– What are you doing here, out of the wide world?

– Hania asked me to take care of her apartment. So I dropped by for a moment to see what was going on. Well, I’ll take a look at the old garbage…

Halinka will be surprised that Lucyna eats stale sandwiches from the previous day. Suddenly Tit will invite everyone to a welcome party. At some point, he will discreetly call a friend of his who owns a pawn shop and quietly sneak out of the hospital to pawn his fur coat.

– It’s artificial! – the man with a gold chain around his neck is outraged.

– But it looks real. Besides, you don’t wear real ones anymore. Besides, I’ll buy it.

– Yeah… Everyone says that.

As fate would have it, Halinka will notice Lucynka entering the hospital without a fur coat. You will also witness your friend paying in cash for the ordered catering.

– And what will you live for tomorrow? – he will ask without beating around the bush.

– But what do you mean?

– Do you think I’m stupid? (…) Well, at least you sold the fur?

Surprised Lucyna sits up with shock.

– It was artificial – says Sikorka.

-Like everything in my life. Why do I have to mess everything up!? – he will add with tears in his eyes.

– You can come for dinner. And get some sandwiches – Halinka promises.

– I’ll pay it back as soon as… I’ll pay it back – says Hania’s mother.

Influenced by the conversation with Halina, Lucyna decides to be honest with Director Woźnicka.

– I have no money. I lost everything, she confesses.

– And where are you staying, Mrs. Lucynka? – Agata will be interested.

– In Hania’s apartment, principal… Hania will not come back.

– I know.

– She’s so happy… At least she succeeded – says Sikorka.

– So what about my job? Can I come back? – the orderly asked straight out.

– Yes – Agata will answer.

– Then come to my welcome party! – Lucyna will be happy.

We reveal that the 914th episode “For good and for bad” will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 20 at 20.55 on TVP2.