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Summary of the Turkish series “Forbidden Fruit”. What will happen in episodes 414-418?

“Forbidden fruit” is a Turkish drama productionwhich focuses on fate Yildiz and Zeynep. The former dreams of a rich life and believes that one day she will meet Prince Charming and marry richly. Zeynep, on the other hand, wants to make a career and works hard for it. Yilidz and Zeynep they are like fire and water, and their lives change when rich businessmen appear on their path. Viewers of the Turkish series they move to the Bosphorus, accompanying the main characters on their way to happiness. What awaits us in the next installments? Here Summary of the series “Forbidden Fruit” in episodes 414-418.

In previous episodes of the series “Forbidden Fruit” we witnessed, among other things, how Ender and Yildiz devise a plot together. Viewers could also see how Dogan is jealous of his wife, and Handan, in turn, pretends to take his own life. What will new episodes of “Forbidden Fruit” look like? Summary 414. episode is a preview of how Ender and Caner make Gama realize that Handan tricked her.

“Forbidden Fruit” episode 414. it’s also a greater focus of the story on Ender, who bugged Handan’s office. In turn, Sedahi, who is at odds with Cagatay, asks Dogan for help. The new episode of “Forbidden Fruit” will also bring some decisions related to… Yildiz. She decides to talk to the woman impersonating her in the media. The conversation takes an extremely intriguingly strange course.

Summary of the 415th episode of “Forbidden Fruit” this is, among other things, a harbinger of misunderstandings. The Emir is delighted with the woman who pretends to be Yildiz in the media. In turn, Cagatay and Sedahi publicly expose Dogan’s fraud. Handan and Ender court Sedahi. The summary of “Forbidden Fruit” also announces danger.

The new episode of “Forbidden Fruit” will bring a resolution between Emir and Dogan. The 416th episode of the series is another installment of the conflict between men. But this time it was The Emir is victorious and celebrates defeating his rival with Cagatay. What else will happen in episode 416 “Forbidden Fruit”? Viewers will also “go” to dinner together, to which Gamze invites her with her friends. Since Ezgi has an abusive husband, Ekin decides to intervene.

In the 417th episode of “Forbidden Fruit” events will get out of control of the main characters. We find out that Dogan ordered the “getting rid of” Cagataybut he doesn’t anticipate that they will also get into the damaged car with him Yildiz and Ender. The new episode of “Forbidden Fruit” promises tragedy, because it turns out that… Cagatay’s car falls off a cliff and he dies instantly.

New 418th episode of “Forbidden Fruit” takes viewers to the future in as much as two years after the accident. What will happen to the main characters? We learn, among other things, that Caner and Emir run a hotel. On the other hand Dogan is in prison. This is not the end of the revelations, because the new episode of “Forbidden Fruit” is also a continuation of the story about Yildiz, who gave birth to a daughter. Brother Handan inherited a great inheritance. Yildiz tries to get rid of a troublesome tenant.

The series is broadcast every day from Monday to Friday. Where to watch “Forbidden Fruit”? The production can be followed on TV on air TVP2 and online at What time and when should you watch “Forbidden Fruit”? New episodes are broadcast at time. 17.15. When to watch “Forbidden Fruit” 414-418? These will be broadcast:

  • “Forbidden Fruit” episode 414: Monday, February 26;
  • “Forbidden Fruit” episode 415: Tuesday, February 27;
  • “Forbidden Fruit” episode 416: Wednesday, February 28;
  • “Forbidden Fruit” episode 417: Thursday, February 29;
  • “Forbidden Fruit” episode 418: Friday, March 1.

People who won’t be able to sit in front of the TV during the premiere can follow reruns of Turkish “Forbidden Fruit” on the TVP VOD streaming service. More news about TV series and stars, exclusive interviews and behind the scenes of the hottest premieres can be found on our website Facebook World of Series.