Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The Sławomir you don’t know. Kajra in an intimate version on the beach (“Nowy Świat” as “bed linen” for Valentine’s Day)

Magdalena “Kajra” Kajrowicz i Sławomir Zapała (listen!) create one of the most colorful marriages in domestic show business. For years, we have been able to watch them perform together on stage during various concerts. Viewers remember Kajra, among others, from participating in series, films and entertainment programs such as “That’s how it went”, “Big Music Quiz” Whether “Dancing with the Stars” (in the Polsat show z Rafał Maserak made it all the way to the finals).

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a music video for the premiere ballad “New World” shot in the exotic Dominican Republic was released online (listen!). “This is the first song I wrote in my musical career,” declares Sławomir.

“Take care of love not only on holidays,” Kajra appeals.

This is another announcement of the new album, which will appear in 2024. Last year, the couple released the songs “240/H” and “Cudowronek” (the song for Sławomir’s 40th birthday was announced as “the riskiest song” in Zapała’s career). Just before New Year’s Eve, “Colorful Film” appeared.

Kajra married Sławomir in 2011, when they were both aspiring actors. Sławomir graduated from the State Theater School in Krakow in 2006, and a year later Kajra left the university.

Kajra appeared in film productions while still studying Agnieszka Holland, Janusz Majewski and Michał Kwieciński. He has had episodic roles in such series as: “M jak miłość”, “On the edge”, “Blondynka”, “Father Mateusz”, “Agata’s Law”, “Commissioner Alex”, “Giggle of fate” and “Przyjaciółki”.

“I am lucky that Magda is beautiful and I want to be with her for the rest of my life! I prayed for a good wife and I prayed for it, Kajra didn’t pray and she has what she has, which is me,” Sławomir emphasized many times.

In September 2016, their only son – Kordian – was born.

Let us remind you that “rock polo star” is the musical version of the actor Sławomir Zapała, whose credits include roles in, among others: series “Blonde”, “Hotel 52”, “The Fifth Stadium” and “Straight to the heart”.

He immediately won the hearts of fans with his characteristic appearance – a mustache, a comb-over on his head and abundant chest hair, in addition to a Volkswagen Golf 3, as well as the sayings “Hi, it’s Sławomir” and “you feel the money”. His wife also immediately appeared at his side Kajra (Magdalena Kajrowicz).

In April 2017, he released his debut album, perversely titled “The Greatest Hits” promoted with the singles “Megiera”, “Ni mom hectarea”, “Aneta”, “Miłość w Zakopanem” and “You, the little one, you’re overgrown again”. The album achieved quadruple platinum status for sales of over 120,000. pieces. It was thanks to this song from 2017 that he gained great popularity. So far, it is the most popular Polish music video on YouTube – it has over 252 million views.

In October 2020, the second album “The Best of” was released with the hits “Weekendowy korsarz”, “Weselny pyton”, “Totalny Love” and “Będę z się”.