Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Is there a surprising return to the TVP show? “I’m a little afraid that…”

Let us remind you that after the end of the sixth edition “The Voice Kids”, Dawid Kwiatkowski announced that he was leaving the talent show.

“Last year, when I sat down in this incredibly comfortable chair on the first day of the blind auditions, I already felt that I was doing it for the last time. I remember when the battles started in September and when I was assembling the trios, I said to myself ‘dude, do it right, you’re doing it last. once and these are supposed to be phenomenal battles. That’s what they were. Thanks to my team, which listened to all our advice so well,” the post on Instagram began.

“In 2014, when I was practicing foxtrot in the corridors of the ATM studio, Rinke, the producer of TzG and Voice, took me by the hand and led me to the studio next door, where Voice was being produced. He told me to sit in an armchair Justyna Steczkowska and looking me straight in the eye, he said, ‘David, if I manage to make The Voice Kids in Poland, this will be your chair.’ Three years later the phone rang,” he wrote.

“A few weeks ago I received an offer to take part in the next edition and in a confident voice I told Dominik, my manager, that I don’t want to do it anymore, that it’s enough. My heart tells me ‘Well done Dawid, your mission in this program has ended’, and I listen to my heart as grandma. My musical plans and goals for the coming years will require me to focus more on composing music, which means that my team would not have a coach at their fingertips like before, and I am the last one to do something half-assed. Watching this program It may seem very light to you, the viewers, on TV, but its creation is by no means easy,” he explained.

In an interview with “Fakt” he explained his decision as follows:

“I will definitely miss it, because I had a great time there. (…) But I’m also a bit proud of myself, because it’s comfortable to sit in the armchair, it’s worth it. This program has been on for several months, it’s very good to watch considering the realities of TV viewing. You actually make a lot of money in these few weeks, then it’s broadcast on TV for a few months and thanks to that you have another few months of concerts and everything. For me, it was too convenient, I mean, I also felt that I I’ve really given these kids everything I can at this point.”

She took Dawid Kwiatkowski’s place in “The Voice Kids”. Natasza Urbańska. However, this did not stop speculation around the singer. This time, the media began to see him in the adult “Voice” coach’s chair. It is known that “The Voice of Poland” will return with its 15th edition in the fall. However, it is not known what the coaching staff will look like.

Kwiatkowski himself admitted in an interview with Wirtualna Polska that he was open to talks, but has not made any declaration yet.

“I received such an offer 2-3 weeks ago. I don’t know what it will be like – I gave the green light and said: ‘OK, let’s talk, but I won’t say yes’. I liked ‘The Voice Kids’ so much – this atmosphere, this whole It’s cool that children don’t have to push themselves. And I’m a little afraid that the big ‘The Voice’ is about something different – there’s more competition, which I don’t like. I’ve already competed a lot in my life (…) We’ll see. I’m glad “I got such an offer because it shows that someone liked me in this program and trusts me,” he said.

In the context of “The Voice of Poland”, there is also talk of a possible return to the show Michał Szpak, However, the star himself also avoids clear declarations.