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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Friends”: Christmas in… Easter. This will be the first Christmas in the series

Joanna Liszowska admits that the autumn-winter season is not her favorite, which is why she is impatiently counting down the days until spring.

“Generally, I operate on a solar battery, so I miss the sun very much, but unfortunately I don’t feel spring yet,” says Joanna Liszowska to the Newseria Lifestyle agency.

And in the series “Friends” out of spite – there will be a winter atmosphere in the spring episodes.

“We are starting the 23rd season and it is special because it will be quite an original situation, in fact, at Easter tables our viewers will be able to see us sitting down for Christmas Eve. Well, no matter what, this season of the series ‘Przyjaciółki’ will appear on the air in the spring, but we are shooting it at the moment, i.e. in the winter, and that’s how it happened. And this is actually the first time, because we have never had any holidays in the series. However, I think it will be nice to see the heroines on such an occasion, on Christmas, especially since they will be in different life situations, so they will perceive and experience this period differently,” says the actress.

Joanna Liszowska does not want to reveal too many details of the script for the new episodes, but she can assure that the creators of the production have once again risen to the challenge and have prepared many interesting threads. A lot will also change in the life of her character, Patrycja.

“It will quickly turn out that Wiktor, even though he is a lawyer, will have problems with the law and one could say that he will find himself in a place where his clients could be, i.e. behind bars. And for what reasons and what will result from this? we’ll see. We’ll also see how Patrycja will deal with it. There will also be other surprises, and I think that one of the most important issues is that Dorotka is coming back. We have Agnieszka Sienkiewicz back, which I think is an extremely good idea, because she brings us new energy, so I think the viewers are waiting to see what Dorotka will do next,” he says.

The new series of “Friends” will consist of 12 episodes. The first one will be broadcast on March 7 at 21/10 on Polsat.