Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Eurovision 2024: Who is Baby Lasagna from Croatia? “Rim Tim Tags Dim” is conquering the Internet

Eurovision 2024 will start on May 7 and last until May 11. This year’s edition will take place in Sweden exactly 50 years after the group’s legendary victory ABBA. Representatives of 37 countries will take part in the competition, including: returning after over 30 years of absence Luxembourg.

He is leading in the bookmaker’s quotations Ukraine (duo alyona alyona and Jerry Hail – “Teresa & Maria”), and she was right behind her Croatia. As a result of victory in the national preselections, the representative of this Balkan country was a singer hiding under the pseudonym Baby Lasagna.

Let us add that at the beginning of February, Croatia was still in the bottom ten among bookmakers. The promotion in the charts is due to the song “Rim Tim Tags Dim” (check!).

Interestingly, Baby Lasagna got to the semi-finals of the local pre-selection from the reserve list when the singer resigned. Zsa Zsa. In the final, Baby Lasagna was unrivaled, scoring as many as 321 points (the results were decided by the viewers and the jury in a 50:50 ratio). There was another one Vinka (82 points) and last year’s representatives of Croatia at Eurovision – Let 3 (79 points).

Baby Lasagna is for real Marko Purišić, 28-year-old singer, guitarist, composer and producer. He previously performed as a guitarist in a rock band Mantrawith which he took fourth place in the Eurovision preselections in 2019.

After leaving the band, he started a solo career. The debut album “Demons and Mosquitoes” is announced by the singles “IG Boy”, “Don’t Hate Yourself, But Don’t Love Yourself too Much” and “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”. This last issue is a humorous piece about the economic emigration of young Croatians who are looking for opportunities to earn money abroad. The song was written in Purišić’s bedroom and was inspired by his real experiences – he was offered a job on a cruise ship, which he ultimately did not accept.

The singer’s partner is responsible for the music video – Elizabeta Ružićand was shot in his hometown of Umag in Istria.

A song is compared to a song “Cha Cha Cha” last year’s representative of Finland (Käärijä took second place in 2023). Baby Lasagna himself mentions the German group as the main musical inspiration for his work Rammstein.