Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

In “The Voice Kids” he played Queen’s great hit. “You have to have a lot of nerve”

Kacper Starzomski In “The Voice Kids” the group’s prized song Queenwhich was included on the album “A Day at the Races” from 1976. The 14-year-old participant turned all the seats with his performance. They were the first to turn around Baron with Thomson.

He made the decision to press the button Thomsonwho is a huge fan Queen and Freddie Mercury.

“Oh man, you did it,” he said Thomson. “Kacper, łogień. But not fire, but the one written with Ł” – he added Baron.

“Sing the anthem like this. Because this song is a rock. We know it from Freddie, we know it from George Michael With Wembley, there was a lot of it. But today we know it from execution Kacper. And this will never be forgotten. After what we heard, we would like you to join us in our humble home,” Tomson complimented the young performer.

“When we heard it, we thought it would either be a drama or total delight. You have our full trust,” he added Baron.

“You have such confidence. I felt calm about you. You can handle these difficult sounds with ease. Huge potential,” she added Cleo. “To sing Queen you need to have a lot of courage, a lot of nerve or a lot of talent. And you have it all,” she concluded. Natasza Urbańska.

After a moment of discussion, all the trainers sang another great hit with the participant Queen “We Are The Champions”. When the decision time came, Kacper chose Tomson and Baron as his coaches.

On page “The Voice Kids” we can read that music has always accompanied 14-year-old Kacper, and he has been singing since he was 12. “He dreams of a career as a rock artist. He likes spicy sounds the most, but he also doesn’t shy away from classical songs. He is currently studying at a high school and a state music school, where he is improving his skills,” it was written.

In addition, Kacper is also active in amateur theater and occasionally performs in one of the local choirs.