Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The actress had to change her diet for her role in “The Lady”

A new movie starring Millie Bobby Brown has debuted on Netflix. “Lady” is an eye-candy fantasy story featuring a damsel in distress and a dragon, as well as a wicked queen. For this role she had to face new challenges.

Millie Bobby Brown in the film “The Lady” she plays a heroine who is betrayed on her wedding day and sent to certain death. She quickly gets rid of most of the excess material from her dress, but remains in her corset, which is not the most comfortable outfit for running around caves and fighting a dragon. How did the actress deal with these difficulties?

“You just have to come up with different ways to breathe… You don’t think like that, but you just have to. I had to come up with different things to eat for lunch. And different ways to breathe. Because you can’t eat anything too heavy because you have to jump from cave to cave and maintain a certain silhouette,” Brown said.

The actress recently admitted that she is not a big fan of exercise and training. She also explained that she did not prepare specifically for the role in “The Lady”. Its goal was to show what such a character would actually look like if thrown into a new situation.

“I didn’t want to be prepared because my character goes through this too, so I was just like, ‘Why should I prepare and be a muscular, great climber if I want to see mistakes?’

According to Brown, by showing her mistakes and failures, we could empathize with the main character and like her more.