Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Her voice melted hearts! Incredible performance in “I have a talent” a hit on the Internet

“Over The Rainbow” is a 1939 ballad by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburgwhich in the musical “The Wizard of Oz” performed for the first time Judy Garland.

Since then, the song has been performed dozens of different times. In a masterful edition “I have a talent” she faced the immortal hit Loren Allred and it quickly turned out that she hit the hearts of the audience and the jurors.

“It was a master class. This is how it’s done” – he summed up briefly Simon Cowell. “I think I can speak for everyone, but we all had chills here. You sounded beautiful” – she added Heidi Klum.

“You have a killer voice. You could sing anything” – she commented Mel Bwho wasn’t entirely sure about the song choice. “I liked it, America will like it, you are amazing” – finished Howie Mandel.

Performance Loren Allred ultimately seen by over 1.3 million viewers.

Loren Allred was born in Pittsburgh. She is a singer, songwriter, composer and actress. Her dream has always been to perform on stage Broadway.

Her career, however, began a bit differently, with an adventure in the American “The Voice”. In the third season, she joined the team Adam Levine, where she made it to the live episodes. However, it was not the talent show that turned out to be a breakthrough in her career.

In 2017, Allred was offered to perform a song for a film “The king of entertainment”. The singer performed a song for the production “Never Enough” and it was her voice that the viewers saw when she sang on the screen Rebecca Ferguson. The song turned out to be a huge hit. On Youtube surpassed over 300 million views, while on Spotify it has been played over half a billion times.

However, the excellent performance did not bring her as much fame as might have been expected.

To gain proper publicity, Loren appeared in the British edition “I have a talent” in 2022. The participant stood before the jurors and admitted that she was the one who sang the great hit. Simon Cowell he grabbed his head.

“You may have heard my voice, but you don’t know my face. I sang ‘Never Enough’ in ‘The King of Entertainment'” – she confessed. “Oh my God. You sang the greatest song ever and revealed that you weren’t an actress at all, so why didn’t you make a career out of it” – he commented Simon Cowell.

In the British version of the show, Loren reached the finals. In 2024, she tried her luck again in “I have a talent”. This time in the star edition of the program. Her adventure with the show ended in the semi-finals.