Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He sang a great Polish hit in English. The recording went viral on the Internet!

Let us remind you that the quartet from Katowice Feel was established in 2005 on the initiative of Piotr Kupicha (vocals, guitar). A turning point in their career was their performance at the Festival in Sopot in 2007, when the song “A poznaj jest dark” gave the band Amber Nightingale and Nightingale of the Audience.

The first album, simply titled “Feel” (2007), conquered the charts, achieving Diamond status for sales of over 150,000. copies.

This is where songs such as “And when it's already dark” come from, “No, show me what you can do”, “Pokonaj się” (with Iwona Węgrowska), and “Like an angel's voice”.

A wider audience could meet Adam Kalinowski in the fifth edition “Idol” on Polsat in 2017. In this program, the singer with impressive dreadlocks finally took 5th place, receiving a lot of praise from the jurors.

In the fall of 2020 – presenting a changed image – he recalled himself in the 11th edition “The Voice of Poland”. Kalinowski's voice was so distinctive that he recognized it without any problems Michal Szpak, with whom the participant met a few weeks before the talent show was broadcast. Kalinowski joined the team Tomson and Baroncoming as a representative of the duo with Afromental to the final, losing there only to the later winner Krystian Ochman.

On TikTok, Kalinowski runs a series of recordings in which he sings Polish hits in English. We've heard this before in the series “A time machine”, “This is a strange world”, “Krakow spleen”, “A dream about Warsaw” Whether “Autobiography”. Now a new version of the song by Feel band “Jak angela's voice” has been released.

The recording also reached Piotr Kupicha, who decided to share it with his fans. “The boy has talent and a great voice. How do you like this version?” – He was asking.