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Jacob Mendez

Christopher Nolan saved Anne Hathaway's career. “That's my angel”

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Anne Hathaway she remembered the Oscar she received for her role in musicals “Les Miserables: Les Misérables” from 2012. As she recalls, at the same time she had to deal with ridicule on the Internet. After entering her name in the Google search engine, one of the first results was a link to an article titled “Why does everyone hate Anne Hathaway?”

“Many people didn't want to give me roles because they were afraid of how toxic my identity had become on the Internet. I had an angel in the person of Christopher Nolanwho didn't care about any of that and gave me one of the most beautiful roles I've ever played, in one of the best movies I've ever been a part of,” recalls Anne Hathaway, talking about playing Dr. Amelia Brand in the film.Interstellar” from 2014. She previously appeared in the film “The Dark Knight Rises”.

“I don't know if he knew he was supporting me at the time, but it had an effect. My career didn't lose the momentum that might have been lost if he hadn't supported me then,” continues the actress.

“Humiliation is a very hard thing to deal with. The key is not to let it shut you down. You have to be brave, and that can be hard because you think about being safe. But if you want to be safe in a situation like this, don't choose the profession of an actress. You have to be fearless. You have to ask people to invest in you their time, their money, their attention, and also take care of you. So you have to give them something that will be worth it all. And if nothing It doesn't cost you anything, so what do you really have to offer? – Hathaway concludes philosophically.

On cinema screens we can watch the latest film with Anne Hathaway in one of the main roles. Interestingly, Joanna Kulig also appeared in “Love Without Warning”. What is the movie about? It's a humorous story about how nothing is impossible in a big city, and all its inhabitants have one thing in common – hope that the long-awaited love will finally come. A composer living in the most inspiring city in the world is going through a crisis – he must write an opera that will delight all of New York. The matter is not simple – the jaded cream of society has seen almost everything. On the advice of his wife, who, although she runs a popular therapeutic clinic, struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder herself, he decides to look for inspiration in the least expected place. His muse will be the captain of a fishing vessel drifting around Manhattan.

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