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Hairstyle “to Marek Mostowiak” – Hit or miss? Kacper Kuszewski spoke

Marek has not appeared in episodes for several years “M like love”. The hero went to Australia – this is how the creators explain his absence resulting from the actor’s decision to leave the series in 2018. However, this does not change the fact that for many viewers Kuszewski he will always be, above all, the son of Barbara and Lucjan.

Marek immediately caught the attention of viewers because of his hairstyle. Maciej Rybak from RMF FM referred to it. “I wanted to talk about this hair because apparently this parting, i.e. hair divided in the middle, makes you look old and is embarrassing. This is what “Gen Z” says, i.e. people born after ’95” – said the journalist. Then he asked for his opinion “an expert in the subject”i.e. Kuszewski.

“I completely disagree with the opinion that a middle parting is bad” – said the actor. “On the contrary, I managed to successfully promote such an iconic hairstyle, which is still an inspiration for an entire generation of young people. (…) I even see this hairstyle in advertisements. So I think this is a timeless hairstyle”.

Kuszewski, however, is aware that his hero’s hairstyle has become the subject of jokes in Internet culture. He approaches it with some distance. “The hairstyle has appeared in so many memes. I’ve even seen the words ‘Merry Christmas’ on the Internet with this hairstyle, which – when turned in different directions – allows you to create different letters of the alphabet. And besides, when it comes to hairstyles, if something is considered embarrassing and outdated, you just have to wait 10-15 years and it will become fashionable again.” – he noticed.

Kuszewski is currently taking part in the anniversary edition of the entertainment program “your face sounds familiar”. His filmography includes appearances in films “A perfect number” Krzysztof Zanussi and the series “Return” Adriana Panek.

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