Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Your Face Sounds Familiar. The best.” Who played Cher so brilliantly?

“It will be something special, i.e. ‘The best of the best of #TTBZ!’. The finalists of previous editions will be on stage. The best of the best! There will be a lot going on,” announced the producers of the Polsat show before the premiere.

In the 20th edition of the program “Your face sounds familiar” occur Katarzyna Skrzynecka, Stefano Terrazino, Filip Lato, Maria Tyszkiewicz, Kacper Kuszewski, Barbara Kurdej-Szatan, Mateusz Ziółko and Aleksandra Szwed.

They evaluate their metamorphoses and stage performances Małgorzata Walewska, Robert Janowski and Piotr Gąsowskiwho co-hosted the show for 17 editions with Maciej Dowbor (currently accompanies him Maciej Rock). The anniversary edition also featured a new trainer who prepares the participants in terms of acting. Marcin Przybylski, who himself was a participant in the 2nd edition of the music show, is a professor of theater arts and an academic lecturer. We also know him from many film, TV and theater roles.

In the third episode, Filip Lato (Friday, 8:05 p.m. on Polsat) will perform the hit “Believe” (check!) American singer Cher. The 1998 song is considered one of her greatest hits. It was this song that popularized the auto-tune effect used to correct pitch. Nowadays it is widely used in popular music, at that time it was called the “Cher effect”.

Filip Lato used the so-called super power Agnieszka Hekiert, who usually chooses surprising methods of learning to sing. It turned out that… he drank cocoa and suddenly Cher’s voice came out.

“It was a brilliant performance. You can’t catch Cher’s color just like that. She must be an extraordinary man with extraordinary skills. Buddy, it’s spring, but I bow to you, Summer,” commented Robert Janowski.

Released in November 1998, “Believe” was a turning point in Cher’s career. The artist moved away from her previous style and offered listeners a more contemporary sound. This artistic metamorphosis gained recognition from both fans and music industry experts. The album was nominated for a Grammy, and its title track became one of the best-selling singles in history.

Cher’s career slowed down after the flop of her 1995 album “It’s a Man’s World”. However, the singer was persuaded by people from the record company to refresh her style and reach for contemporary sounds.

For Cher, the album was important for another reason – it was released just after the death of her ex-husband Sonny Bonowho died in 1998 after a skiing accident (he hit a tree) and is a kind of tribute to him.