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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

‘All the Flowers of Alice Hart’: Prime Video’s Forgotten Gem. A successful adaptation and a moving story about women

How any good melodrama Australian “All the Flowers of Alice Hart” (both the novel and the series on which it was based) they show us heroes over the course of several years – their joys, traumas and how secrets hidden for years in the name of love can destroy all relationships. Although a series with Sigourney Weaver and Alycia Debnam-Carey it suffers in the first part from a very, really very slow pacehowever, it is worth watching these episodes full of exposition and building foundations, to learn the story of an imperfect family and the fate of women who found shelter on a flower farm from the life that men had prepared for them.

Alice Hart loses her parents in a house fire, for which she largely blames herself. After the tragic events terrified and lonely, she goes to her grandmother June on the flower farm she runs, where he is unable to utter a single word for a long time. In Thornfield, she slowly recovers and learns not only about the women living and working on the farm, but also about her family’s history. However, he does not guess that June is transforming many facts in the deep belief that she is protecting her granddaughter. When, years later, her manipulations and lies come to light, Alice leaves the farm, but life has some unpleasant surprises for her..

A seven-episode novel by Australian author Holly Ringland it is a story about family, coming of age, trauma, secrets and how difficult it is sometimes for women to find their own voice. Thornfield Flower Farm is a safe haven for many of them – lost, broken by fate, hurt by the people closest to them.

It is there that, after traumatic experiences, Alice learns to communicate with the world again – first with flowers, each of which carries a different meaning, and then, after a long pause, begins to speak again. Wild Australian flowers become a new language with which the heroines express their emotions and pain; all the feelings they couldn’t express otherwise. Just like for other women, the farm becomes a place where she finds support.

The main plot line, however, is the fate of June (Sigourney Weaver) and Alice (Alycia Debnam-Carey).. June is a woman full of contradictions who will do anything to protect her granddaughter. However, her lies lead to further quarrels and, ultimately, Alice’s escape. It was then, in the closing episodes of the miniseriesThe legendary Waever shows a whole range of emotions and attracts the viewer’s attention. The heroine she plays finally faces the mistakes of the past, the trauma she has experienced and how painful events from years ago shaped her.

Debnam-Carey keeps up with Weaver on her emotional and powerful journey. Polish viewers know the actress, among others, from the series “The 100”, “Fear the Walking Dead” and “Saint Carey flawlessly conveys her character’s emotional states, and there were many important scenes on her shoulders in which she could have gone too far. Fortunately, this did not happen.

Debnam-Carey and Weaver are shouldering a production that may take a long time at the start. However, the slow building of foundations and action pays off more than ever in the second part of the series, when all the elements come together they create an emotional, rich and multi-layered story about women and for women, which could be easily missed in the thicket of premieres. If you’re looking for a good drama on Prime Video, “All the Flowers by Alice Hart” is worth dedicating these seven hours with a hook.

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