Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Enej and Małgorzata Socha together. “Two Worlds” promotes the comedy “Baśka”

As we read in the official description of the film’s plot “Pate”it will be a story about a woman approaching forty (played by Małgorzata Socha), who has everything she wanted: husband Kacper (Piotr Głowacki), three children, a small catering company and a beautiful house. She is happy until she asks herself, “Can she do more?” When at work she meets the handsome and famous choreographer Jim (Mikołaj Roznerski), her life turns upside down.

Jim helps Baśka gain new clients and her business flourishes. Baśka is also blooming. However, her home life suffers. In addition, Kacper begins to suspect Baśka of having an affair and demands a divorce. Baśka must decide whether she wants to start her life anew or return to what she has built over the years.

A song promoting this film “Two Worlds” (check!) performed by the group Enej, according to the creators, fits Baśka’s story perfectly. It is a story told with a touch of sarcasm, but also empathy, commenting on the situation of modern women, from whom the world sometimes demands completely opposite attitudes. The composition will also be included on the new album of the Enej band titled “Vesna” (premiere on March 1).

Małgorzata Socha has appeared in music videos “More about us” by Łukasz Zagrobelny and “Aneta” by Sławomir.

The exact premiere date of the film “Baśka” is not yet known. It is scheduled to debut this fall.

He is the director and author of the script for “Baśka”. Marcin Ziembiński (“I am M. Misfit”). They play other roles Olga Sarzyńska, Wiktoria Gąsiewska, Dorota Kolak and Justyna Zielińska.

With the premiere of the album “Vesna”, the Enej group will go on tour. Until February 29, you can still order a limited edition of this album with a double ticket to a special concert organized only for fans who buy it in advance. “Vesna” is the fifth original album by the band Enej. The album will feature everything the band has become accustomed to over two decades of activity. So you can expect very energetic material with original lyrics, an energetic brass section and a characteristic folk sound.

1. “A New Moment”
2. “Somewhere by the Vistula”
3. “Not enough days”
4. “Home”
5. “History”
6. “Neons”
7. “Vesna”
8. “Nobody Forewarned You” feat. Kwiat Jabłoni
9. “Magnet”
10. “Two Worlds”
11. “Your Name”
12. “Dark Clouds” feat. XAC
13. “Mission New Plan”.