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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“For better and for worse”: Episode 915. Meet Dr. Kaczorowska. Anna Szymańczyk makes her debut in the TVP2 hit

In the 915th episode “For good and for bad” creators invite you to a meeting with Dr. Iga Kaczorowska (played by Anna Szymańczyk)! Agata will employ a girl as a specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology – unaware that the doctor was in prison.

– So… you haven’t practiced for over two years? May I know why?

– For personal reasons.(…) Is there a problem? I saw an advertisement on the hospital’s website that they were looking for internists…

– No, no, I just asked…

However, one person in the hospital will know her friend’s secret – Professor Markiewicz, who will turn out to be not only Iga’s old friend, but also her… silent enemy.

– Already free?

– Do you think I escaped?

– Why did you get a job here?

– I was unemployed and there were vacancies here… This is supposedly a good hospital? I like…

Besides, Markiewicz will also come into conflict with Bart – clearly dissatisfied with the fact that the neurologist returned to work after the stroke. However, a clash with his rival will not spoil Artur’s mood. – We both know you shouldn’t operate anymore…

– It wasn’t nice… – And it wasn’t supposed to be. Facts aren’t always nice.

– So much the worse for the facts… It’s always better to be nice!

We just found out that from the series “For good and for bad” leaves Marta Żmuda Trzebiatowska, who played the beloved Hania Sikorka. The production of the series has prepared a surprise for fans that may fill the void left by the actress’ departure. We will see a completely new character on the screen, played by the star of the film “Quack”.

Anna Szymańczyk joins the “For better and for worse” team and will play the role of a new specialist – we learn from an entry on Instagram. We will see her in episode 915.

Until now, viewers could watch Szymańczyk on the small screen. In the years 2011-2015 she played the role of Daga in the series “First Love”. Then she appeared in such productions as: “Na Wspólnej”, “Don’t worry about me” and “Szadź”. Last year, she impressed as Zośka in the new version of “Quack”, which quickly became a Netflix hit. This role turned out to be a milestone in her career and resulted in her receiving many more offers recently.

We would like to inform you that the 915th episode of “For good and bad” will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 27 at 20.55 on TVP2.