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Jacob Mendez

“Ripley”, “Strong Subject”: Hot new releases on Netflix in April

Sex and the City” is an American series created by HBO based on the book of the same title. The premiere seasons were broadcast in 1998-2004, currently they can be watched on the platform HBO Max. The series tells the story of four friends living in New York and their love conquests. The main roles were played by: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

The hit starring Sarah Jessica Parker will be available on Netflix from April. This is another HBO production, after “Żmijowisko” or “Band of Brothers”, that goes to the competition. It's the idea of ​​the head of Warner Bros. David Zaslav and applies to older HBO productions. According to the announced strategy, making them available to competitors is more profitable than leaving them on your platform. Agreement with Netflix concerns several valued and already completed series.

“Sex and the City” available on Netflix from April 1.

Directed by Martin Brest”Beverly Hills Cop” tells the story of a loud-mouthed cop from Detroit, Axel Foley, who was not always a cop and sometimes broke the law as a child. Now he goes to Beverly Hills, where his childhood friend was murdered in mysterious circumstances. The collision with the world of wealth and glitter is a new experience for Foley , but he quickly finds his way there. His unconventional methods facilitate the investigation, but the cop is a real nuisance for the local policemen. Brest's film earned $234 million in American cinemas and became the highest-grossing film of the year.

After the success of “Beverly Hills Cop”, more films were made with Foley played by Murphy’ego (in 1987 and 1994), but they enjoyed less recognition and did not repeat the success of the original

Three parts of “Beverly Hills Cop” available on Netflix from April 3.

Tom Ripley, a con man struggling to make ends meet in New York in the early 1960s, is hired by a wealthy man to persuade his reckless son to return from Italy. Tom decides to go to Italy, which will begin a complicated path of fraud, fraud and murder in his life. A drama miniseries based on the bestsellers about Tom Ripley by Patricia Highsmith – we read in the official Netflix description.

He played Tom Ripley Andrew Scottin Marge Sherwood – Dakota Fanning, and in Dickie Greenleaf – Johnny Flynn.

“Ripley” available on Netflix from April 4.

“Strong topic” is a drama inspired by true events, presenting the behind-the-scenes of the uncompromising journalism that resulted in Prince Andrew's shocking interview and embarrassing appearance on BBC Newsnight. From the tension of producer Sam McAlister's difficult negotiations with Buckingham Palace to journalist Emily Maitlis's stunning showdown with the prince. We will see Gillian Anderson in one of the main roles.

“A Strong Topic” available on Netflix from April 5.

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